September 3, 2013
First Thursday with Joe, New Time

Attention Fans of The Brunch:  EVERYONE’S INVITED to a BBC Chat, Thursday Night, September 5th at 8 PM Eastern Time.
This Thursday night (that's the day after tomorrow for the calendar challenged) Go to and click on the HOME PAGE Live Chat Banner - Enter your nickname and the door will open to The BBC Chat Room. Please join in the conversation.

Ringo says, "Don't ask for an autograph, but please drop by to shoot the breeze with Joe J."  


Later This Month, Chat with Pete Best

Mark your calendar RIGHT NOW! Pete Best will be our guest in The BBC Chat Room and we are honored to have him.  With his busy schedule these days all of us are thrilled that he made time for us so here are the details: SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 22ND AT 10 AM EASTERN TIME. The on-line chat is open to ALL Beatle Brunch registered guests, including Mind Games Players, those who receive Beatle Brunch Newsletters and members of The Beatle Brunch Club. Please don't miss an opportunity to say hello to Pete - he'll be real glad to see you!

Things He Said Today
By Joe Johnson, Beatle Brunch Host

“Hello Beatle Peetles”, as John once said.  It’s good to be writing this on the long holiday weekend. The sun is out, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so are you - for reading this, so thanks.
I’m excited to have heard the “New” Paul McCartney single “New”.  We have it posted in the Audio section of “Downloads” in the Beatle Brunch Club in case you haven’t heard it yet. Some early ears say it’s got a bit of “Got to Get You Into My Life” in it, maybe the funky Earth Wind and Fire version.  Either way, it’s refreshing to hear more new music from Sir Paul. I thought I would plotz when I heard the vintage Beatles songs he brought back to his “Out There” tour this summer, especially “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite”, and “All Together Now”, two Beat tunes I never thought we’d hear live. 
But speaking of “here”: There are those who believe that The Beatles would NOT have made it here without Sid Bernstein, who passed away at the ripe old age of 95 on August 21st (a week after The Boys famed Shea Stadium Concert, give or take 48 years). Sid encouraged Brian Epstein to bring them to America a full year before they arrived.
If you ever met Sid, you know he was not one to come up short for words. That’s what made him so warm and wonderful. He embraced his role in Beatles’ history with fondness and never failed to stop, chat or take a photo with even the most frantic Beatle fan.  He always spoke to you as if he’d known you all his life. We’ll miss you, Sid. A new book about Shea Stadium by Dave Schwensen will be out soon detailing Sid's Shea efforts.
Oh, and time’s a wastin’ and it’s not getting any cheaper: I mean our come-along to Cancun next Fab-ruary, where we’ll celebrate Sid and all things Beatle on the golden anniversary of their arrival in the states. I’d like to invite you all personally with a written invitation, but I haven’t enough pens. Follow this link for LAST MINUTE BIG DISCOUNT information.
Something "New" from Paul

Just as we kick into the Labor Day weekend, the Hardest Working Man in rock music refuses to take the day off.
Sir Paul McCartney tossed out a cool one last Thursday just in time for one last splash in the surf. The new song is called “New” - it’s from his upcoming album, “New” due out October 15, 2013.  Read the News story on and listen to the song.
That’s a lot of new information, so to sort it out, Paul chatted with Helen Leicht on Philly’s 88.5 WXPN last Thursday, and he told her why he released this particular track this weekend.
“To me it’s a little bit of a summer song, a very happy, positive, and it’s a love song. And to me I can imagine sort of driving across America in an old Caddy listening to this song. It’s got a joy to it, a got a sort of summery thing, so I wanted to release it now so that hopefully people will think of the sunshine when they hear it, and when they get back into the autumn season, it will give them sort of summer memories."
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We'll BBC'in Ya in November!
Wog-Blogger Beatles fans discovered that MCA Music in the Philippines – part of Universal Music, which now owns the Beatles' catalogue – hinted on Facebook a new anthology of forthcoming unreleased recordings by The Beatles mid-60s appearances on BBC radio.
The amateur detectives discovered both the month of release and the album art for the new compilation. Bloggers even traced the photographer whose colorized image is being used for the cover. Neither Universal's UK and US Wings, nor the Beatles' Official Website have confirmed the news.
In October 2013 Harper Design (Harper Collins Publishers)  will publish a new book by Kevin Howlett: The Beatles – The BBC Archives: 1962-1970. This is an "in-depth account of the Beatles' BBC appearances" with conversation transcripts and unreleased photographs, ranging "from the unprecedented excitement of Beatlemania to the mature reflection of the last interviews before the group's split". Howlett is perhaps the world's foremost Beatles scholar and penned all of the booklet essays for the group's 2009 catalogue re-rereleases.
Read the complete story on FEATURES
An Oldie, But A Newby
Chas Newby - Former Beatle and Contributor to The Beatle Who Vanished
By Jim Berkenstadt
A number of people have asked me why I chose Chas Newby to write the Foreword to The Beatle Who Vanished.
First and foremost, I felt that Chas had a common experience with Jimmie Nicol. Both had worked in other bands and had been called in at the last minute to fill in for a missing regular member of The Beatles.

In the case of Newby, bass player Stu Sutcliffe had remained behind in Hamburg to spend Christmas with Astrid Kirchherr. Neither John, George nor Paul wanted to play bass at this point. Pete Best suggested Chas Newby, who had played bass in The Blackjacks with Pete. Chas was home for Christmas, so he had the time to fill in.
However, filling in at the last minute, was where the similarities to Nicol seem to end. In Jimmie Nicol’s case, the goal was to climb to the top of the entertainment mountain and stay there. He performed very well for The Beatles on tour, yet he found the slope back up to the top to be quite slippery and treacherous once his 13 days of fame were over.
Chas Newby on the other hand, felt no pressure to stay on with The Beatles. To him it was just a bunch of buddies having a good time and attracting the girls. To this day, Chas continues to sing and play bass with his pub band, and at the two recent Fests for Beatles Fans. Yet he has had a wonderful professional career as an engineer and teacher, while balancing a family life as a husband and father. I don’t think he ever spent one minute thinking about the “what ifs” of being a Beatle. Jimmie Nicol, on the other hand, was by definition the tragic character in a cautionary tale about how 15 minutes of fame goes to one’s head. He seemed unable to compare his skills as a drummer (realistically) to the songwriting, singing and playing skills of The Beatles. Instead he projected his ego to the “Toppermost of the Poppermost”, mistaking it as his deserved inheritance.
I felt that history had in some ways forgotten Chas Newby’s brief contribution as the first left-handed bassist in The Beatles. Since he was also a friend, I asked Chas to share his similar experiences and differences to Jimmie Nicol in the Foreword. I am so honored by his written contribution and his willingness to join in the festivities by meeting the fans and playing at the Fests in New York and Chicago this year. In the case of Chas Newby, being a temporary member of The Beatles was indeed a happy ending.

Signed copies of The Beatle Who Vanished can be purchased via charge card or Paypal at: or unsigned -  "The Beatle Who Vanished" BUY NOW
Boys Will Be Boys

By Don E. Gee

Larry Kane's latest addition to a Beatles' fan library, and just when you might have thought there was nothing left to learn about The Fab Four. This new book, "When They Were Boys" tells the story about the early days before they climbed to the top.
"There was more intrigue, betrayal, loyalty, disappointment, and shock revealed in this book than any of the 23 national political conventions I have covered since 1968;"  a statement Larry gave Parade Magazine, August 28, 2013.
"When They Were Boys" will give the real reason why Pete Best left the band. Discover that The Beatles almost broke up in 1960 - John Lennon supplies the details. While perusing this FANcinating, FABulous read, you'll know "The Snowball Effect."
Larry Kane will provide Brunchers a little taste of his book in forthcoming Beatle Brunch Newsletters and you could win a signed copy.


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Hello Beatle Peoples
By Tee Eff
By now, many of you have heard of the coming release of the terrific new film “Good Ol’ Freda”, the documentary made by Freda Kelly, who headed up the Official Beatles Fan Club. Having just seen the film at the Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago, I can tell you it is absolutely required viewing for ANY Beatles fan.
There will be a NY screening on September 4th and in Los Angeles on the 6th & 7th, and a theatrical release thereafter. Follow this link for more screening dates:
On September 5th, Freda will be appearing at the Apple Store, SoHo (corner of Prince and Greene Streets) in NYC. I will have the honor of interviewing her. The event is being recorded/filmed for an Apple iTunes podcast, and should include clips from the film and audience Q&A. This is FREE!
The session starts at 6pm but theater seating is EXTREMELY limited. Please reserve a spot here:
If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you there. For those outside the area, watch the FREE iTunes podcast coming soon!


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