August 1, 2013
First Thursday with Joe, New Time

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Things He Said Today
By Joe Johnson, Beatle Brunch Host

With the eyes of the world on the new Royal George, here at Beatle Brunch we can’t take our eyes and ears off our Royalty, Sir Paul, who’s made it a magical summer for millions of Beatle fans.  But Paul’s “Out There” tour is coming to an end. Next Friday’s concert at Golden Gate Park wraps up his state-side shows, then it’s two more in Canada and four rousing shows in Japan, where Beatlemania is just as big as it was when The Beatles played the sacred Budokahn Hall in 1966.
For Beatle Brunch and our listeners, it’s been a magical summer.  We caught Paul’s U.S. kick off show in Orlando and got reacquainted with his left-hand man, Brian Ray, to present his dangerous guitar and vocals on The Bayonets single, “Smartphone” on Beatle Brunch, and enjoyed “The Demon of Screamin’”, Steven Tyler, on their newest track, “Vagabond Soul”.
On July 9th Paul made it a special day at Fenway for Sophia Mayrsohn. Paul’s personal way of connecting with his fans is private to him and it’s a side of Sir Paul that many don’t see.  Please read Sophia’s story and see the photos below.
As for The Brunch, we’ve got a Fall full of special programs lined up, including a personal interview and live chat with The Beatles original drummer, Pete Best, and everyone's invited. We’ll also get reacquainted with our old pal Larry Kane, whose new book, “When They Were Boys” is getting rave reviews.
About That Cover

A lot of people have asked author Jim Berkenstadt about the design origin of the cover on his new book, The Beatle Who Vanished. Berkenstadt says he wanted to create a visual sense of the urgency of The Beatles having to replace their regular drummer Ringo Starr and find a replacement before leaving on their first world tour in less than 24 hours.
“I started with an idea of using Ringo Starr’s actual 1960s Tom-Tom tour case that traveled-the-world with The Beatles on tour. We took a photo of the case by itself to start,” says Berkenstadt.
Then the author digitally “slapped” a licensed news photo of Jimmie Nicol’s tryout with The Beatles at EMI Studios, on the front of the tour case. Berkenstadt says, “We used this photo to partially cover Ringo’s stenciled name on the front, and placed masking tape on it, to create the rushed feeling of having to find a replacement drummer and quickly get him up to speed with The Beatles.” People with a sharp eye for detail will also notice that Berkenstadt digitally moved the TWA luggage sticker to the front of the case to add some color.
“It was a fun visual project”, says Berkenstadt. “I just wanted to create a sense of the urgency in the story and show how Nicol got to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame.”
Jim Berkenstadt will be appearing along with former Beatles bass player Chas Newby (who wrote the Foreword for the book) at the Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago August 9-11, 2013.
Available at  BUY "The Beatle Who Vanished" NOW
Beatlemania in Cancun - OLÉ!

The celebration of a lifetime is commemorated by an extraordinary music festival honoring The Beatles Invasion - 50 Years Later.  Host and Emcee of the entire gala, Joe Johnson, of the national radio program "Beatle Brunch" and will meet, greet and heat up guests with Beatles lore, a twist of humor, games and tons of prizes. This five day event is scheduled, February 5-10, 2014 at the all new Hard Rock Hotel on the Riviera Maya, an expanse of pristine white sandy beaches on the Caribbean near Cancun, Mexico.  The secure compound is incredibly magnificent - nine restaurants, libations, day and night lounging, adult - kids areas, everything possible in dreams is offered on the premises. is taking reservations for this FABulous all-inclusive holiday package with VIP Backstage Passes to all participants. 
Experience a brilliant musical event while getting up close and personal with all the special guests who are looking forward to meeting each and everyone.
Here's The Line Up:
EXPERIENCE World's Famous Beatles Artist, Shannon, and her amazing real life paintings of John, Paul, George and Ringo. Shannon will reveal an incredible display of talent demonstrating her gifted technique. All original art and Giclées will available to VIPs at special prices.
The Pete Best Band direct from Liverpool, featuring none other than The Beatles' first drummer, Pete Best. His set from The Decca Auditions will blow you away including new music from his CD, Hayman's Green. 
The incredible finger picking guitar stylist, two time Grammy winner and former Wings guitarist, Laurence Juber with drummer - percussionist, Danny Seiwell, who also played under McCartney's Wings will astound the audience by on-stage performances during the entire event. In addition L J and Denny's music clinics for Rock N'Rollers and musicians will provide insight to technical aspects of their music and lifestyle. 
Grammy winning songwriter and story teller, the colorful Mark Hudson who produced 12 of Ringo's very successful albums will be there to perform and entertain one and all. Sign up for a songwriting lesson with Mark and become a star!
The incomparable John Lennon impersonator, Tim Piper and his band will perform the acclaimed concert traveling show "Just Imagine" - a delightful musical narrative of the life of John Lennon. 
Beatles and McCartney tribute, Band on the Run, will perform Paul's favorites from his After Beatles solo years and the group will enact the historical appearance of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, February 9, 1964, 50 years later on the exact time and date when it first aired. 
Lecturers, authors and Beatles confidantes May Pang, Nancy Lee Andrews and Jim Berkenstadt will participate in open forum discussions of their personal encounters with the Fab Four. 
A celebration like this will never repeat itself and it is ONE show a true Beatles' fan will not want to miss.  Contact Angela at, sign up today and qualify to win a $500 CREDIT  - OLÉ!

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Sophia’s Story: Dreams Do Come True
By BBC Family Member Kathy Mayrsohn

This heartwarming story comes to us from Kathy and Mark Mayrsohn and their amazing daughter Sophia, whom many of you have met on our Beatles Tribute Cruises and special gatherings. Sophia is the biggest Paul fan on the planet, and recently, she got to meet her man. Here is their story:
On July 9, 2013 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, Sophia Mayrsohn, was granted her wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Sophia is an avid Beatles fan and her wish was to meet Sir Paul McCartney.   Sophia had been on Paul’s “wish list” from the Foundation for over 2 years, after being referred to Make-A-Wish by one of her physicians.  Make-A-Wish grants the requests of children with life-threatening medical conditions to help change their lives.
Sophia, along with her older sister and parents, were invited by Sir Paul to attend his sound check and concert.  What happened for Sophia that day at Fenway Park was pure Beatles and Make-A-Wish magic!  After the sound check, where her family had made signs, Sophia was whisked behind the scenes to a VIP tent.  There she waited and wondered what would happen next.
Sophia was invited by Sir Paul to visit him in his dressing room, along with her family.   Sophia spent some quality time with her heartthrob, Paul who made a huge effort to ask her lots of questions about herself.  When Paul asked what her favorite hobby was, Sophia answered, “watching you perform on YouTube from my computer.”  He smiled and patted his heart.  
Sophia and her family also got to meet some of the members in Sir Paul’s band, including Brian Ray, Rusty Anderson and Abe Laboriel Jr.  Sophia enjoyed the concert and the up-close floor seats that Sir Paul had given to her.  She danced, sang, and smiled the entire night.  It was a magical evening for Sophia and her family.  Memories were made that they will always treasure.   Sir Paul is a true gentleman with a huge heart full of love and light!  The family will always be thankful to Sir Paul and to Make-A-Wish for granting Sophia’s special wish.
To learn more about the Make-A-Wish Foundation or to make a donation visit:  
Some Like it Hot

By Don E. Gee

Macca's Out There Tour is brimming with Beatle Brunch fans.  Reports are in from Sophia and Family who saw Paul in Boston (see story above), Katie and Mark B. who attended the concert at Miller Field, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Frank B. and wife caught the gig at Nationals Field, Washington DC;  Jen E. proudly shows us her tickets from Safeco Field, Seattle, Washington. And Dan Markus, Program Director from WOGB in Green Bay, Wisconsin sends us his nickle's worth out there.  See LETTERS
We received a comprehensive play-by-play account of concert day in DC from Frank B. that started at 4 PM and stretched until 1 AM - his 10th time seeing Paul in concert!  Frank, we certainly enjoyed reading your email, but a reprint would require many more pages that we regrettably cannot spare.  BBC'ers can read Frank's News story contribution on the Clubsite entitled, "All His Loving."
Joe loved the cool sign from Katie B. Her dad Mark, a Beatle Brunch Club member and semi-legendary photographer, sent beautiful digital photos of the sound check and concert.  They said it was very hot during the concert - in the 90's plus humidity for a heat index near 100, but that didn't stop them. All they needed was a reminder that winter was right around the corner.  Their seats were center section 5th row, the envy of millions of concert goers. 

Check out the pics complete with titles and captions on BBC Photographs, but of course only if you're a member! In fact, how'bout this as I digress: Join The BBC, Please. For just about the cost of a four of fish it's well worth being a part of the coolest community of Beatles fans this side of the pond! And now - back to our Show for Chevrolet (not really).
For the curious, it's Jen E. behind a pair of valuable tickets to Paul's concert in Seattle. Please note - "Rain or Shine" - Seattle? Rain?  Nah!  Jen we're sure you had a FABulous time.
Alas there are only a few remaining scheduled gigs while Paul's 'Out There'.

Here are the dates:
August  9 - San Francisco, CA - Golden Gate Park
August 12 - Winnipeg, Canada - Investors Group Field
August 14 - Regina, Canada - Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field
Nov 15 - Fukuoka Dome, Fukuoka, Japan
Nov 18-19 - Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Japan
Nov 21 - Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Japan 3rd night


Paul, Nirvana & Safeco

By Don E. Gee

Over the weekend of July 19, 2013, McCartney brought out the largest crowd in Seattle's Safeco stadium since 1999 (47,000). BBC'er Jen E. was on hand to witness the historical, record shattering event. A 'reunion' was scheduled much to the surprise of the audience and they went nuts when Dave Grohl, Pat Smear and  Krist Novaselic, the 3 surviving members of Nirvana, took the stage. An Examiner reporter stated, "Grohl took the drums, Krist slung on his bass, and they launched into the song they recorded together recently, 'Cut Me Some Slack'.  Paul’s band returned, and they all did a jam of 'Get Back'.  All were beaming and the whole group then stayed for the final encore medley, 'Golden Slumbers' - 'Carry That Weight' - 'The End'.”

At the beginning of the gig, fashionably late, but worth the wait, Paul and The Band jumped on stage to wild and raucous cheers. “Hello Seattle!" Paul exclaimed; “THIS is the FIRST concert to be held at Safeco Field!” Then the downbeat for 'Eight Days A Week'.

During a Macca performance it's always a pleasure when Paul acknowledges the special people in his life. His short stories lend just the right touch of class you would expect from an entertainer of his caliber and at 71 years young it is absolutely remarkable that his energy remains in high gear.

To his wife Nancy he sung 'My Valentine' - imagine how you'd feel if Paul was singing a special song he wrote just for you. And imagine how Linda, John and George would feel hearing him sing 'Maybe I'm Amazed', 'Here Today' and 'Something'.  Fittingly Paul offered a tip of his hat to Seattle's own Jimi Hendrix with a short story and few licks of 'Foxy Lady'.  It is a fabulous feature to his concerts, an emotional interlude that engulfs an audience with all that is good and peaceful.

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Long & Winding Road (to a Live Album)
By Margot Winick 

“They’ve Got Rock N Roll at the Hollywood Bowl!
We’ll be there! Ooh yeah!"

Paul McCartney and Wings “Rock Show”

The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles’ landmark outdoor amphitheater, celebrated its 91st birthday this summer. Among the countless performances held on its stage and inside its iconic band shell arches, The Beatles performed three times in the summers of 1964 and ’65, and subsequently released their only live album, The Beatles At the Hollywood Bowl (on Capitol Records in the U.S. and Canada, and on Parlophone in the U.K.). It has never been released on CD. Continue Reading Go To ARTICLES


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