June 4, 2013
It’s My Birthday Too, Yeah

21 years ago, May 31,1992, Joe Johnson opened the mic and Let’ em In for a Fab taste of a new radio show. The audience entered a culture-driven program called, Beatle Brunch. This cool, cleverly blended mix of audio journalism with the musical twang of The Beatles loved to turn you on, and you never turned it off.  Now, first generation listeners are shifting to second, third and fourth-gen Beatles fans who help us maintain the radio show’s presence with futuristic techie ingenuity.

Submarines full of Beatle Brunch fans listen every weekend. Some set their alarm anticipating the down beat, while others choose to listen ON DEMAND in our member community, The Beatle Brunch Club. They also flashback with Old Brown Shows, classic Beatle Brunches from our first days on the air, along the way, sampling a plethora of goodies to wile away quality time on-line. Our loyalty program, Beatle Brunch Rewards, is our way of saying “Thank You Girl” for all the support over the years. We love to thank each and every one of you, but we haven’t enough pens, so you’ll have to be happy with this e-delivered wish for another 21-year salute from The Brunch - “A Splendid Time Was Guaranteed For All”.

First Thursday with Joe, New Time

He creeps up from behind to remind us that EVERYONE’S INVITED (even non members) in a BBC Chat Thursday Night, June 6th at 8 PM Eastern.

Go to BrunchRadio.com and click on the Live Chat Banner - front ’n center, enter your nickname and the door will open to The BBC Chat Room. Please punch up The Brunch, and join in the conversation.

Cocktails and coattails are optional, and remember Beatle Brunch is celebrating 21 years on radio. We nail another one and toast to 21 more.

OPEN Chat with L J of Wings

Mark your calendar - Sunday June 16, Father’s Day, at 7PM EST and chat with Laurence Juber and Joe J on-line in our Beatle Brunch Club Chat Room - OPEN TO EVERYONE, not just members.  Just follow the same log-in steps as you would for our First Thursday chats.
Recently LJ’s been to Japan, he released a new CD, ‘Under An Indigo Sky’, and a new CD / DVD 'Catch LJ Live!', His duet,  'Still Alive', is with legendary songwriter Paul Williams, available exclusively on iTunes. In between gigs (see Juber in Concert) LJ’s found enough time to chit-chat with his Beatle Buds in The BBC Chat Room. You have an opportunity to meet Laurence up-close and personal, but only if you plan your next holiday with us, The Beatle Invasion – 50 Years Later - You Gotta Get This Into Your Life!  Book the all-inclusive trip now! Call Angela at Music In M’Ocean at 1-877-291-1952.


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Things He Said Today

By Joe Johnson, Beatle Brunch Host

Let Me Roll It (For Another Year) Wow!  Where do I begin June? As I’m writing this I’m pouring a nice glass of champagne for Beatle Brunch. My “child” turns 21 this weekend, born Sunday, May 31, 1992. The first program was a feature on the 25th anniversary of Sgt Pepper. You can hear that original “Old Brown Show” in the Beatle Brunch Club.  I sound a little more serious and wordy - kind of documentary-ish.
In 1992, to get a copy of Beatle Brunch to a station for air play consideration, I had to mail a cassette tape to the program director (blank CDs back then cost about $17 each, not for a spindle - EACH!). Now, of course, the internet has changed all that and now the program directors don’t have to return my calls, they can just ignore my emails! LOL.

I was in Orlando to see the kickoff, Paul’s “Out There” tour, and I have to agree with many of the fans I spoke with, it was perhaps the best McCartney show to date. I will say that seeing him for the first time in 1989, playing all The Beatles songs, was a special memory, but as for the total playlist, lighting and graphics, plus the tightness of the band, a splendid time was delivered to all.

Adding to the excitement was meeting and interviewing Paul’s guitarist and bass player and sometimes sitar player, Brian Ray. We met at noon on Sunday. Brian was hoarse from all the singing but warm and personable and fun to talk to. We chatted about Paul’s tour, his history with the band, what it’s like on stage as Paul’s left-hand man, and what songs HE hopes that Paul brings to the stage in the future. I’ll tell you in a minute. No jumping ahead.

Brian is no slouch when it comes to writing, recording and playing music. He co-wrote and arranged a hit for Smokey Robinson in 1987, “One Heartbeat”. He’s worked with Etta James, played guitar alongside Santana, Keith Richards, Frampton, Cocker, Bonnie Raitt and Bo Diddley.

And Brian knows diddley about his craft. His band, The Bayonets, have just recorded a single entitled “Smartphone” that “Little” Steven Van Zant calls “the coolest song in the world”.  Download it here, Smartphone and pickup some Ray swag while you’re at it.  Listen my interview with Brian on the June 16th Beatle Brunch. On the June 23rd show, we’ll debut Brian’s new single “Smartphone” – a  Beatles fan nationwide premiere.

You can follow Brian on Twitter @brianrayguitar or check his website, www.BrianRay.com.  Oh, and the songs he’d LOVE to play on stage with Paul are two of my faves, “Backseat of My Car” and “Junk”. And since you’re dustin’ off so many, Paul, consider those for next tour. In the meantime, we’re happy for the 5 “new” Beatles songs you’ve added: “Eight Days a Week”, “Your Mother Should Know”, “All Together Now”, “Lovely Rita” and “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite”.  Hopefully Paul adds more dates and gets further “Out There”.

Until next month, don’t be shy, slide up to the bar and buy a drink for Beatle Brunch. Now that we’re legal, we can toast the other 21 that lie ahead.

Check out Joe’s Blog about my interview with Brian and follow us on Twitter too @beatlebrunch and you’d “like us” on Facebook, because we like you too.

Paul Spreads His Wings Over America!

The Wings Over America Remastered came out on May 28th, cleaner and cooler than ever.  Beating it at its own game was The Deluxe edition, complete with a bonus 75-minute film, 7 bonus tracks, five books including the band’s itinerary, photos of each venue they played, behind the scenes shots, and replicas of tickets (some were from shows that had been postponed - doh!)

BBC’ers read the News story, Wings Over America Reissue.

There’s so much more to the Deluxe. We’re also told that Best Buy has a special version with 8 tracks from the Cow Place in San Francisco, those should “moooove” fast.
Ah, Grasshopper!

Speaking of Wings, check out what happened to Paul in Goiania. You’d expect Beetles, but Grasshoppers? That sounds like a good name for band.  Quick, get Buddy Holly on the phone. BBC’ers read the NEWS Oh Boy OR click YouTube to check out a crystal clear video of that night.

Top Ten Top-Earning Songs

A documentary by BBC Four investigates the top ten highest-grossing songs in the history of music royalties, and suitable to the occasion, while in the privacy of your own humor, please feel free to sing the number one richest song as Beatle Brunch turns 21.

Among the list are well-known tracks by The Beatles, The Police, Roy Orbison and The Righteous Brothers, joined also by a trio of festive classics.

Top spot, however, goes to ever-present jingle ‘Happy Birthday To You’, earning around £30 million, the rights to which were bought by music publishers Warner Chappell in 1990.

The documentary also investigates how songwriting royalties works. ’Yesterday’, fourth in the countdown, was the first song written and performed solely by one member of the band, Paul McCartney, and has been labeled as the “song that eventually broke up The Beatles”.

The Richest Songs In The World

10. ‘The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)’ Mel Torme - Nat King Cole.
9. ‘Pretty Woman’ Roy Orbison.
8. ‘Every Breath You Take’ The Police.
7. ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ John Frederick Coots & Haven Gillespie.
6. ‘Stand By Me’ Ben E. King - Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller
5. ‘Unchained Melody’ Alex North & Hy Zaret - The Righteous Brothers.
4. ‘Yesterday’ The Beatles.
3. ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ The Righteous Brothers.
2. ‘White Christmas’ Irving Berlin.
1. ‘Happy Birthday To You’ Patty Hill & Mildred J. Hill - Warner Chappell.
Teen World 1966

By Don E. Gee

Leading up to Sgt. Pepper’s release June 2, 1967, critic Greil Marcus noted, “The Beatles began to be formed more by the times than the other way around.” (Re: Revolver by Robert Rodriguez). Rock Journalism froths up a head of steam, the taste of Beatle Brunch - eminent.
Today’s music business is peculiar from its roots and to the dismay of artists, record publishers and above all, Radio. The fabric of a great industry is considerably worn as young people seek new sources for music. Most contemporary artists that use the Internet to launch their music manage to last several years then fizzle out as others struggle to keep a groove. Fan loyalty is owned by artists who best convey current times and issues - those who create ‘the standards’ provide an assured timelessness for fans to embrace for a lifetime. 
The 21 year old Beatle Brunch Radio Program targets a mix of young and old listeners who prefer listening to ‘the standards’ despite the fact that its future appeal is in the hands of today’s youth. Who are they and will they listen to Radio?  This is a Radio programmers’ catch-22, especially when a diverse array of music is available over the Internet to advancing audience appeal. Is Radio forming the times or are the times forming Radio? Is Radio dated, contrived and disrespectful, not compelling, not local, not live and not authentic? Well, if the answers are yes, Radio has performed well to drive their audience away.
Radio must rediscover the path The Beatles helped blaze for Rock ‘N’ Roll. That time in history needs repeating because the business of Radio needs to see where it was and how they got there. Radio helped build the record industry, engaged the audience on a personal level; it was ‘live’ and authentic with exciting new music for young listeners. The screaming teens that read magazines for news and information, attended concerts, watched Ed Sullivan, all those people - where have they gone? Can Radio reclaim their youth even though the older audience remains loyal while a new generation finds broadcasting not necessary? 
Get back to basics with a taste of Beatle Brunch where Rock Journalism, infotainment at its finest and the FABulous music of The Beatles is blended into a youthful exciting Radio show for everyone to enjoy, just like it was when it all began. 


The Beatles Invasion - 50 Years Later

Planning a holiday?  Why not join me, Joe J, in Cancun, Mexico for a once in a lifetime celebration, The Beatles Invasion – Fifty Years Later.  I can go on all day about the beautiful beach, the luxury hotel, and the fancy food and drinks, but it’s not all that – LET ME TELL YOU HOW IT WILL BE.  You see, it’s the whole enchilada, I don’t mean to sound cliché, but if all my friends show up I won’t have to invite my family to help keep me company.  I know I’ll have a FABulous time with you, and all the special guests who will be there to meet YOU too – LJ and Denny Seiwell, Tim Piper and his terrific band, Mark Hudson, Shannon, Nancy, May, Jim, the guys in Band On The Run, and The Pete Best Band.  Now that’s one helluva line up!  I just want you to join me as I host this very important event in Beatle history.  I’ll personally introduce you to everyone who attends – all my friends of The Beatles. So - Please, Please Me.

Call Angela at Music In M’Ocean at 1-877-291-1952 or go to FEATURES at BrunchRadio.com and read The Beatles Anniversary for MORE.

Tim Piper as John Lennon

Just Imagine Playing at the Hayworth Theater
Los Angeles, CA
Sat, Jun 08 – Sun, Aug 25
Saturdays 8 PM Sundays 3 PM 
Reservations:  (323) 960 - 4442 
Just Imagine John Lennon transporting you to another place and time - from his tumultuous childhood to worldwide pop music superstar and groundbreaking social icon that influenced generations. Share a unique perspective on John's life, his stories behind the songs, and revealing insights about the birth of the Beatles, the pressures of super-stardom.  
 Just Imagine yourself surrounded by the warm Caribbean on the Riviera Maya in Cancun, Mexico while the incomparable Tim Piper performs his unforgettable concert that will be forever etched in your mind - a good reason why you must be with all your Beatle Brunch friends for The Beatle Invasion - 50 Years Later.

A Nicol For Your Thoughts

By Jim Berkenstadt & Photo By Mirrorpix

June 3, 2014, marks the 49th Anniversary of Jimmie Nicol’s rehearsal with The Beatles at EMI Studios (later renamed Abbey Road) in London. Nicol had been called by Beatles’ producer George Martin to come down to the studio. Martin had never met or worked with Nicol at this point, contrary to inaccurate online reports like WIKI.
When he got to the studio, Nicol was bombarded by media photographers and newsreel cameras that had been tipped off by Georgie Fame’s publicist. Nicol was Fame’s drummer at the time.  After the media got their photos and a brief film of Nicol bashing out a beat, surrounded by John, Paul and George, they were ushered out of Studio 2.
The details of this day, that changed Jimmie Nicol’s life forever, can be found in the new Beatles book, The Beatle Who Vanished by Jim Berkenstadt, available at www.thebeatlewhovanished.com. Signed copies are available via Paypal. 
BUY "The Beatle Who Vanished" NOW


All I’ve Got is a Photograph

Ringo Starr is lifting the lid on a collection of previously unseen photographs of the Fab Four in their heyday from his personal collection, in a new photography book due out next month.

"Photograph," which will be released as an e-book on Apple's i-bookstore on June 12 to coincide with a Grammy Museum exhibit on Starr, entitled "Ringo: Peace & Love," Beatle Brunch was told.

A limited-edition hand-bound book signed by Ringo will be available for purchase in December.  The book will include photographs from the Richie’s childhood in Liverpool to his road to fame as part of the Fab Four, with John, Paul and George. "These are shots that no one else could have," said Starr.


1963 NME Award Winners

The NME Awards is an annual music awards show in the United Kingdom, founded by the music magazine, NME (New Musical Express). The first NME Readers Poll appeared in a late February edition of the paper in 1953 and the accompanying Poll Winners Award took place at London's Royal Albert Hall in April.

World Male Singer:
Cliff Richard
World Vocal Group:
The Beatles
World Musical Personality:
Elvis Presley
World Female Singer:
Brenda Lee

British Vocal Personality:
Joe Brown
British Vocal Group:
The Beatles
Best British Disc Of The Year:
The Beatles 'She Loves You'
British Female Singer:
Kathy Kirby

  Artist For Poll Concert:
Billy J Kramer and Dakotas
British Male Singer:
Cliff Richard
British Small Group:
New Disc or TV Singer:
Gerry Marsden

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