April 1, 2013
First Thursday with Joe

April 4th at 7PM Eastern Time Joe J. will host a live, on-line chat OPEN TO EVERYONE.  Just go to BrunchRadio.com and click on the Live Chat Banner in the center section, enter your nickname and open the door. All fans of The Brunch can join in the conversation and fun.  Please drop by unless you’re washing the dog or carrying your lunch. Joe has a few juicy stories about The Cruise for Beatles Fans, Tim Piper & Revolution, Joey Molland, Billy J Kramer and Mark Hudson. He might also fill you in about April’s Beatle Brunch Shows. 

Please don’t miss da’Chat. Perhaps Cruise winner Mike Zoric, pictured here with Joe, will drop by.

Things He Said Today

By Joe Johnson

What a month March was for Beatle Brunch! We kicked off on board The Allure of the Seas for our Cruise for Beatles Fans, starring Revolution with Tim Piper as John Lennon; Mark Hudson; Joey Molland of Badfinger and Billy J. Kramer, plus a shipload of friends and fans who made it a most memorable week.  You can hear some of the Fab Fun we had in The Beatle Brunch Club DOWNLOADS, lots of live performances captured, some adlibbed, all incredible; see the photos taken by Steven Gardner too. Special thanks to BBC’er Bob P. on lead guitar and an avid Beatles fan, Chuck on bass, who were invited to jam-along with our super stars.  

Look into joining us next February 2014 for The Beatles Invasion – 50 Years Later taking place in Cancun!

Wow, and March didn’t end there! We paid tribute to The Please Please Me album on its 50th anniversary the weekend of March 23rd. Make sure you take an hour to watch “Please Please Me: Remaking a Classic”, a television special produced in England that has not yet been shown in America.  It’s in BBC DOWNLOADS Video.

Speaking of half a century, John’s first born, Julian Lennon, turns the big 5-OH on April 8th. I had a chance to meet Jules back in December when he was in Miami to show his photographs at an art exhibition. He was warm and friendly and told stories about his photography, The White Feather Foundation that he founded, and his upcoming new CD and single called “Someday” co-starring Steven Tyler that you can download on his birthday.  I’ll be featuring a segment on Julian this weekend, as well as some Fab requests from our Beatle Brunch cruisers. You can hear AND see my interview with Julian in The BBC AfterBrunch as well.  Wonder what song Julian will request on Beatle Brunch? Listen and find out.

As a member of The Beatle Brunch Club, you can hear each week’s show ON DEMAND, PLUS, “Old Brown Shows”, Beatle Brunch Classics from “Twenty Years Ago Today” and all you gotta do is Join Now.  The most recent “Old Brown Show” is from April of 1993 when I featured “Introducing The Beatles”, the real first Beatles album in the states.

And before I sign off, make sure you check out Tom Frangione’s article on Paul’s latest tour dates and the re-mastering and re-release of “Wings Over America”, a comprehensive package coming out May 28th. Meanwhile, try and catch a local screening of “Rockshow”, the highly acclaimed rockumentary of the 70’s Wings tour. The film will be shown at dozens of theaters across the country.

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Next month: Beatle Brunch comes of age.



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Youth Keeps Love for The Beatles Afloat

By Margot Winick

PART 1.  On the recent Cruise for Beatles Fans, Joshua Lapin-Bertone shuts down his Kindle Fire, on which he’s reading “Shoulda Been There,” Jude Southerland Kessler’s first in a series on the life of John Lennon, and goes for a soak in one of the Allure of the Seas’ six hot tubs.

“How did I first learn about the Beatles? The Beatles are just one of those things like Mickey Mouse or McDonalds – you’re always aware of them. They’re ingrained in our culture,” he says when asked about his love for the band that brought him on board this year.

Bertone, 27, who writes the Bertone Beatle Bonanza blog and podcast, “Beatles fandom from a twenty something perspective”, grew up in Coral Springs, Florida listening to Joe Johnson’s “Beatle Brunch” on Magic 102.7 FM. He’s been a Cruise for Beatles Fan participant since 2010. Each year, he has enjoyed meeting more Beatles fans and those who have played a role in their legacy, including May Pang and this year’s guests Billy J. Kramer, Joey Molland and Mark Hudson.

Joshua looks forward to the camaraderie enjoyed by the fans, though, at his age, “people sometimes call me a baby, which I don’t take offense to - I was born after John [Lennon] was shot, so sometimes I feel they want me to prove myself,” he says. “Beatles music touched me all my life, but it's the legacy that I love exploring. Besides, there won’t be a Lady Gaga cruise in 50 years. That’s saying something.”

The cruise has inspired Joshua, who lives in Tampa, to write his first book on the band Wings, which he hopes to have finished by the February celebration of the Beatles’ 50th anniversary being planned at the new Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, in Cancun. This month, he is debuting a new segment on the subscription-based Internet radio Beatles-A-Rama, www.BeatlesaRama.com, called “Wednesday With Wings.”

PART 2.   Mark Mayrsohn’s youngest daughter Sophia adores the Beatles, especially the song “All You Need is Love.” On the Cruise for Beatles Fans, she and her dad got up on stage at the karaoke club aboard the Allure of the Seas to sing the popular song at a Beatles-only karaoke event. Soon, they were joined by cruise guests Mark Hudson and Billy J. Kramer, among others, to belt it out all together.

It was another unforgettable moment for Sophia who has been sailing with her family for the past three years. More than a family vacation, the Cruise serves as a chance to visit some Mark’s customers at the various ports of call. It’s a chance to relax with all the abundant offerings of the ship and to enjoy the friendships they have made each trip.

The family, who live in Key Biscayne, Florida, made friends last year with the members of the Beatle cover band Revolution, who performed in old-school Beatle glory, including moptop wigs. Since Sophia’s favorite Beatle is Paul, her mother Kathy made sure she got to meet the band member playing Paul, John Hepburn. Months later, when Sophia was ill and in a New York hospital being treated for tuberous sclerosis, she had a surprise visitor: “Hep,” and his guitar. His hour-long visit including singing more of her favorite Beatle songs like “Love Me Do,” and lifting Sophia’s spirits.

On this year’s cruise, she got to reunite with Tim Piper, who performs as John Lennon in Revolution. When Revolution played a dance party for about a thousand Beatle fans on board the ship, he instantly recognized Sophia dancing with her dad in front of the stage, and came and said hello during their first song. On the last night of the cruise, he bounded up to her family’s table at dinner, gave her a big hug, asked Mark to sing with the band, and promised to keep in touch.

“Having the great guests as well as Revolution there really reminds you of all the sweetness the Beatles sang about,” said Mark. “We really kindled a lot of Beatle love on the cruise.”
Somewhere - OUT THERE: PM Hits the Road

By Tee Eff

With word that Paul would be headlining the 4-day Bonnaroo Festival in Nashville June 13-16, rumblings of additional live shows were sure to follow. Luckily, this has become a reality, with news of the 2013 “Out There” tour dates flowing steadily from camp Macca.
Among the hundred or so acts on the card for Bonnaroo are Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, themselves embarking on a national tour. Given the festival’s long tradition of jams and artist pairings, a “Wing & Wilbury” meld would no doubt make for an historic topping off.
At press time, there are no other US dates (announcements are expected very soon), but Paul and the band are confirmed for the following destinations:

May 4: Belo Horizonte, Brazil - Mineirao Stadium
May 6: Goiania, Brazil - Serra Dourada Stadium
May 9: Fortaleza, Brazil - Castelao Stadium
June 22: Warsaw, Poland - National Stadium
June 25: Verona, Italy - Roman Amphitheatre
June 27: Vienna, Austria - Happel Stadium
Keep it tuned to Beatle Brunch and here at BrunchRadio.com for all the latest tour information.
In other Macca news, Rockshow, will be in theatres worldwide May 15th - to preview the trailer follow: http://RockshowOnScreen.com. This concert film is part of the Wings Over the World Tour that spawned the triple live album, Wings Over America. The long awaited reissue of this classic 1976 album is set for May 28th featuring the full deluxe treatment as given to “Band on the Run”, “Ram”, the “McCartney” album and “McCartney II”. In advance of the release, a special 12” vinyl single, containing mono and stereo versions (in full length and radio-edit form) of the album’s hit single, “Maybe I’m Amazed” will be released for National Record Store Day on April 20th.
And while details are scant on his new album, Paul can be found guesting with Dave Grohl on the “Sound City” soundtrack (performing the song they premiered at the 121212 concert, “cut Me Some Slack”) and with Eric Clapton on his new album, “Old Sock”. Their duet on “All of Me” is nothing short of delightful.
Hot on the heels of the Grammy Award for best pop album (“Kisses on the Bottom”), 2013 looks like another banner year for McCartney.
Photo - Courtesy Bob Gannon from ‘A Fan’s Eye View’

Sheridan, Nicol & The Beatles: Connected

By Jim Berkenstadt

A Beatle Brunch EXCLUSIVE: In January, 1959, drummer Jimmie Nicol latched onto a new band led by a teenager who had just been ranked first as the “new British Recording hope”.  His name, Tony Sheridan. Sheridan and the Wreckers rehearsed “When The Saints (Go Marching In)” with Nicol on drums. The late singer Sheridan had this to say, “Jimmie was an exemplary drummer – one appreciated by all musicians, though they may not admit it!” - And about playing with Nicol, “Right time, right place, right chemistry.”
By February, 1959, Larry Parnes, manager of Vince Eager, moved Nicol out of Sheridan’s group and into Vince Eager & the Quiet Three. Sheridan moved on to Hamburg, where he would eventually connect and play with The Beatles, and they ultimately recorded “When The Saints (Go Marching In)”.
In June 1964, as Jimmie Nicol and The Beatles began their long flight to Hong Kong, the paths of all three parties would cross again… Nicol, Sheridan and The Beatles, as described in the new Beatles book, The Beatle Who Vanished.
Next - “Ten Things You Don’t Know About Jimmie Nicol”. © Rock And Roll Detective®, LLC.


Sure to Fall (In Love With You) 1956

By Carl Perkins, Bill Cantrell and Quinton Claunch

"Sure to Fall (In Love with You)" was recorded by Carl Perkins in December 1955 and was planned for release as the follow-up to "Blue Suede Shoes." The song was released in the UK on an album, The Best of Carl Perkins in 1961 when The Beatles first heard it. 
The Beatles first recorded “Sure To Fall” as part of the Decca auditions January 1962. It was sung by Paul.  Most of their live repertoire from the dance hall days was recorded on that infamous day.  A slower, more confident arrangement was performed at the BBC Paris Theatre, London, June 1963. The Beatles played it for the third Pop Go The Beatles radio program. This version was included on 1994's Live At The BBC. They recorded the song live a total of 4 times for The BBC. 

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A Beatle and a Stone for James

By RJ Cubarrubia - Rolling Stone

James McCartney marked the start of his tour in a big way when his dad Paul and Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood showed up to celebrate and play alongside him onstage. The younger McCartney kicks off a U.S. tour on April 6th at Portland's McMenamin's White Eagle Saloon, and to prepare, he played a show at London's Ambassadors Theatre on March 27th.

According to London’s The Daily Mail, James played cuts off his upcoming debut album, “Me.” Although his father started off on the sidelines, Wood hopped onstage with James and accompanied him on guitar. Paul McCartney later joined the on stage bash by playing some piano during the set. “Me” is set for a May 21st release.

For full tour dates, visit James McCartney's website.


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Yesterday and Today  
October 11, 1992
  The Year 1968  
February 23, 1993
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September 12, 1993
  Something New  
March 7, 1993
Beatle Ballads  
October 3, 1993
  Introducing The Beatles  
April 18, 1993
Hey Jude Album  
November 21, 1993
This Week 49 Years Ago
WABC All American "Top 10" April 2, 1964

1. Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles
2. Do You Want to Know a Secret - The Beatles

3. Hello, Dolly! - Louis Armstrong
4. Twist and Shout - The Beatles
5. She Loves You - The Beatles

6. The Shoop Shoop Song - Betty Everett
7. I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles
8. Glad All Over - The Dave Clark Five
9. Dawn (Go Away) - The 4 Seasons
10. Stay - The 4 Seasons


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