December, 2012
First Thursday with Joe

Joe J. with Fox Weatherman Tony Perkins in NYC to see Ringo in concert paused to snap this pic.  Can you identify the girl in the background?  Please let us know First Thursday, December 6th in The BBC Chat Room, at 7 PM Eastern Time. “EVERYONE’S INVITED” - just go to, and click on the Home Page LIVE CHAT Banner to ENTER. Film at 11.
Things He Said Today

By Joe Johnson

What’s on YOUR list of Beatles must-haves this holiday gift season?  There’s so much that’s just come out, that Spies Like Us can barely keep it straight.  Paul continues to amaze with his energy and output. His interview with David Frost was enjoyable, even though it did skip over a huge section of Beatles history. It was fun to hear David play that clip from 1964 of his interview with Paul when he told him that he sees him retiring in the year 2010.  Well, you were close David, but Paul is still plugging along, playing live shows in the upper Midwest, while continuing to promote his “Live Kisses” CD and DVD and letting us know he’s done a version of “The Christmas Song” in KOTB style. Paul has also kept in time with technology, offering high quality downloads of all his releases on his website,

The Lennon camp has been relatively quiet, though “Letters”, the book of cards and notes written by John over the years, was very insightful.  John’s son Julian is making an appearance this week in Miami at the Overture Art event, where yours truly will chat him up and look over his wonderful photography exhibit on display this week in the Wynwood section of Miami.

Not much from George, though personally, I pulled out my “Live in Japan” double CD and gave it a driving listen up and down Ft Lauderdale Beach this past weekend. One guy peddled by me and shouted, “Turn it up, man!”, which I was more than happy to do.  Isn’t it a pity that George didn’t play the U.S. that December of 1991 when he paired up with Clapton.

And it’s the usual holiday celebration for Ringo.  Someone should buy the Ringed One a calendar because he always releases his new material the first week of January. We are looking forward to the DVD of his birthday concert in Nashville, where bro-in-law Joe Walsh hopped up on stage to show that “Life’s Been Good” to him too. Not a bad life Joe, when you marry a Beatles sister-in-law.

As for me and my family in South Florida, I’m glad that Hurricane season is officially over. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our friends in the heavily affected areas where Sandy blew a whirlwind of destruction.  We know it hurts now, but you’ll come back bigger and stronger than ever.  We hope you contribute to Sandy relief by texting RED CROSS to 92999. It donates $10, added to your phone bill.  Don’t forget to tune into the 12/12/12 Concert on TV for Sandy relief starring Sir Paul, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Bon Jovi and many others. NEWS. See you Sunday and back in time with Old Brown Shows.
It ain’t been ‘round since you-know-when

Another Holiday Gift List By Tee Eff

I hope not to sound repetitive after Joe's article, but - “Another year over - ” The Lennon song goes, and so it’s time to start thinking about those loved ones on your holiday shopping lists, and I'm here to remind you to make sure the list you give to Santa isn’t missing anything along the way. There were lots of great Beatles related releases over the past twelve months, so let’s look at some that are guaranteed to raise a smile.
From the Beatles themselves, 2012 was highlighted by the release of the Magical Mystery Tour movie on DVD and Blu-Ray, digitally re-mastered and looking (and sounding) better than ever imaginable. There’s also a deluxe boxed set which includes the vinyl EPs as well as a lavish photo book.
If someone on your list has been extra, extra good, there’s also the brand new box set of the original albums (plus “Past Masters” collection) mirroring the CD box set of a few years back.
I agree with Joe J., it WAS a quiet year in the Lennon camp, but the recently published “John Lennon Letters” book is a wonderful compilation of his personal writings, many accompanied by his trademark drawings and caricatures.
Similarly, George Harrison’s reputation as “The Quiet One” extended to this year’s new releases, though we did get the DVD, CD soundtrack and requisite box set of the “Living In The Material World” movie that was aired here and released overseas at the end of last year.
Joe, why does Ringo do that? - He weighed in early this year, with the release of his album “Ringo 2012”. It’s an interesting collection which includes remakes of two overlooked songs he originally released in the 1970’s (“Step Lightly” and “Wings”), as well as the third installment of his musical salute to his hometown “In Liverpool”. The CD is also available in deluxe form with an accompanying DVD.
Never one to be outdone in the gift list fodder department, Paul had several interesting releases this year. From the vaults, there was the super deluxe 4-CD box set for his classic “Ram” album, which garnered rave reviews and renewed acclaim for this 1971 release. In another salute to his roots, Paul issued an album of American songbook classics “Kisses On The Bottom”, which appeared in standard, expanded, and now in a digital-only configuration adding a few bonus tracks along the way (making for nice one-stop shopping and instant delivery for the online gift giving types). There was a DVD companion called “Live Kisses” which captured live performances of many of the albums tracks performed at the Capitol studios in Hollywood. From those sessions came a special recording of Paul performing “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)” which appeared on the multi-artist “Holidays Rule” collection (I find these types of sets make for safe bets in “Secret Santa” or “grab bag” situations). BBC Members can listen to a few Christmas tunes on BBC Audio Downloads. Listen for our usual year-end new release wrap up coming soon on BeatleBrunch! Until then - Merry Krimble!
We Have a Cruise WINNER

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Ahhh - The Smell of Vinyl

Vinyl enthusiasts - are you Rockin' to The Beatles’ NEW stereo catalog?  Here's the skinny: Fourteen original LPs, using the original British track sequences, plus a two-disc “Past Masters” set that includes all the singles and other non-LP tracks – PLUS as a box set that also includes a lavishly illustrated, 252-page, LP-size hardbound book by the BBC producer Kevin Howlett. The box will be a limited edition of 50,000 copies, worldwide. If You Want It, Here It Is, Come and Get It!
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Beatles Scrabble

USAOPOLY is fulfilling a "Sweet Sixteen" group of Mind Games Winners from November and just in time for the holiday! Nothing like Beatle Brunch Awards to help spread a little cheer. Scrabble® The Beatles Edition will provide hours of FAB FUN. 

For more about Beatles Scrabble follow the SPOTLIGHT on BrunchRadio.comRemember - we asked you to contact your local radio station and tell the station Program Director you want Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch because you love The Beatles and you Love Love Love the neat prizes we constantly award to our fans?  Many thanks to some of you who got the ball rolling. 

Go to LETTERS and read BBC'er Ed H's note to a Boston radio station. Let's see what happens.

The Beatles as Philanthropists

By Margot Winick
“And so this is Christmas, and what have you done?”

This time of year, it’s important to give back. This is something The Beatles more than understood; they practiced. Beyond using their pedestal of popular music to spread messages of love and hope, they each worked toward causes that were near and dear to their hearts.
George is remembered for organizing the first large-scale rock ‘n’ roll charity concert, The Concert for Bangladesh, in 1971, with Ravi Shankar. The two-day concerts at Madison Square Garden had proceeds earmarked for UNICEF to help starving children in Bangladesh. Ringo also performed at the concert, considered the forerunner for Live Aid, and has performed in benefit concerts for The George Harrison Fund for UNICEF,, founded by Olivia Harrison, which provides healthcare, education, nutrition assistance and emergency relief to children in the U.S. and in Bangladesh, and expanding to other areas of the globe.

In conjunction with the release of his album Living in the Material World in 1973, George established The Material World Foundation to sponsor diverse forms of artistic expression and to encourage the exploration of alternative life views and philosophies via several philanthropies.
Besides “giving all his clothes to charity,” John sang about peace and “imagine there’s no hunger.” That line became a global campaign to combat childhood hunger and poverty. IMAGINE THERE’S NO HUNGER supports WhyHunger,,  which refers individuals in need of emergency food assistance to local soup kitchens, food banks, government nutrition programs and community organizations. Yoko Ono continues to support the philanthropy, as well as many others including the Icelandic charity The Benefit Society of Children With Disabilities. In memory of John, The Imagine Peace Tower located just off Reykjavik harbor shines a vertical column of light into the night sky each year from October 9, John’s (and Sean’s) birthday, to December 8, marking his death, and selected other dates during the year. A Twitter campaign @IPTower has been launched, encouraging the public to Tweet wishes for peace. This summer, Yoko and Sean launched Artists Against Fracking as a new coalition of artists, musicians, filmmakers and public figures opposed to hydrauling fracking. Paul and Ringo are also members.
Paul continues vigorously promoting animal rights through P.E.T.A. , the Meatless Monday campaign, and The Vegetarian Society Paul also lends a hand for larger benefit concerts, including Live Aid in 1985, Live 8 in 2005, and The Concert for New York City in the aftermath of 9-11. On December 12, he will perform among other music superstars as part of the “12-12-12” fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Among the other charities Paul has supported are Adopt-A-Minefield, Greenpeace, Prince’s Trust, and the Red Cross. 
On tour this summer with his 13th All Starr Band, Ringo raised funds for The David Lynch Foundation, a global leader in the fight against PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) by teaching soldiers returning from combat and underserved youths living in violence and poverty to learn the stress reducing techniques of Transcendental Meditation.  Ringo has donated original artworks for philanthropies such as WaterAid, and performed for the GRAMMY Foundation and American Foundation for AIDS Research, among many others.
For his 70th birthday, Ringo asked his fans around the world to stop and think about peace at noon, and flash the peace sign with their fingers in a special show of solidarity.

In 2009, Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Olivia chose the international medical charity Doctors Without Borders to benefit from downloads “All You Need is Love” by owners of Xbox video game consoles to play with Beatles: Rock Band.

The Beatles were able to move hearts and minds through their music and deeds. Honor them this season by doing something to make the world a better place.
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WABC All American "Top 10" December 1, 1964

1. She's Not There - The Zombies
2. You Really Got Me - The Kinks
3. I Feel Fine - The Beatles
4. My Love, Forgive Me - Robert Goulet
5. Mr. Lonely - Bobby Vinton
6. Come See About Me - The Supremes
7. Goin' Out of My Head - Little Anthony & the Imperials
8. Time Is On My Side - The Rolling Stones
9. She's a Woman - The Beatles
10. I'm Into Something Good - Herman's Hermits

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