August 1, 2012
First Thursday With Joe

Here's Tony Bramwell reminding Joe of his radio show, Musical Mystery Tour Fridays at 3PM EST.  Go to The Feature Page @ for details.  In turn, Joe informed Tony to join us in The BBC Chat Room for 1st Thursdays, August 2nd at 7PM Eastern Standard TimeAll Beatle Brunch Family members are invited.  Just go to, click on the Home Page banner and stop for a chitty chat with Joe unless you're ironing your underpants or leaving for the Summer Olympics in London.

Things He Said Today
By Joe Johnson

Even when The Beatles got it wrong they got it right. This month marks the 50th anniversary of Ringo joining the group. The story according to The Ringed One himself, is that he was asked by Beatles manager Brian Epstein on Wednesday, August 15th, 1962 to join that night, but Ringo had made a commitment to his then current band, Rory Storm and The Hurricanes and chose to honor that commitment and join The Beatles on Saturday. As it turns out, THAT Saturday was August 18th, and as it did then, it will fall on a Saturday this year as well, 50 years to the day.  That’s right.
So how did they get it right when they got it wrong?  I think we all agree that Pete Best was good for The Beatles during the time he was there, from 1960-1962. He worked long hours with them in Hamburg and the Cavern, and certainly helped shape the early years that introduced The Beatles to Astrid Kirchher, Klaus Voorman, and Stu Sutcliffe and those legendary 8 hour gigs in the Reeperbahn, near strip clubs reeking of beer. But Ringo was the one who picked up the sticks from August of ’62 on, only looking back with a smile at the fans they were leaving behind in each city along the way. I can’t imagine The Beatles as they turned out to be driven by the beat of anyone else other than Ringo.  They got it right.
They also got it right with Manager Brian Epstein who, after hearing from customers of his record store in Liverpool that “this band” was really making a fuss just down the street, visited them for a lunchtime session, and essentially decided on the spot, to manage them, taking them away from Bill Harry, who had been booking them at clubs around town and in Germany.  Again, wrong with Harry, right with Eppy, though each has his place in The Beatles story.  Brian got them out of the leather jackets and Teddy Boy look and into designer suits, again, out with the wrong, in with the right.  As it also turns out, this month marks 45 years since Brian died. It happened on August 26th, 1967, while the Beatles were off looking for the meaning of life at a retreat with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in North Wales.
Paul really got it right on July 27th, when he got choked up leading a sing-a-long of "Hey Jude" for millions of people on worldwide television at the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics. He tied a nice bow on the 50th Anniversary recording of The Beatles first hit for Parlaphone, “Love Me Do," September, 1962.  So as the Fab-One himself once sang, “It really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong, where I belong I’m right where I belong”.
Hope you’re having a Fab summer and thanks for Beatle Brunching with us every week.  Hey, remember you can hear “Old Brown Shows” in BBC Downloads; Beatle Brunch radio programs from 1992.  I look so young on those recordings! Join The BBC.

Pete Best on Stuart

"Sutcliffe took a lot of criticism about his bass playing by people who weren't there, but I was; and there was nothing wrong with it. He did what he was asked to."

Comment from Daytrippin' Beatles Magazine:
Beatles drummer Pete Best revealed, “what a good bass player Stuart was.”  Pete has said, “I’ve read so many people putting him down for his bass playing.  I’d like to set that one straight.  His bass playing was a lot better than people give him credit for.  He knew what his limits were…what he did was accept that and he gave 200%.  He was the smallest Beatle with the biggest heart.”

We're doing something new with Pete because he's a great friend of Beatle Brunch.  Joe interviewed him on several occasions; you may recall hearing his voice on The Brunch. Pete personally autographed copies of his first CD, "Haymans Green" that we awarded to Mind Games winners and he was one of our first featured guests in The Beatle Brunch Club Chat Room.  He's a soft spoken guy, very humble and forthcoming.  His new website is alive with many happening things to satisfy the appetite of Beatles fans all over the world and we wish him well. 
In a few days scope out the Feature Page @ for an in-depth story about Stuart Sutcliffe, but get your Pete Best fix @, and see what he's up to.
Summer Olympics Begin

Not a curfew ordinance in effect for the kick-off of The 2012 Summer Olympics in jolly ol' England and Paul was clearly choked up at the beginning of his performance-sing along of "Hey Jude." The 3-hour celebration was themed, The Best of British, and a special group of stars were on hand to set the scene to delight an audience of more than 60,000; present were: James Bond actor Daniel Craig, Rowan 'Mr. Bean' Atkinson, Sir Tim Berners-Lee (the inventor of the World Wide Web), Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, Soccer champion David Beckham and the FABulous Royal Family.

The overtone entitled "Isles of Wonder" was organized by film producer-director of "Slumdog Millionaire" Danny Boyle who featured a musical set-list of 70 of Britain's greatest hits. It was a spectacular opening Olympic ceremony that will usher in over 5,500 hours of televised competitions, so tally-ho, Let The Games Begin!
Cruise for Beatles Fans

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Bellissimo Benson Book

From TASCHEN, Harry Benson The Beatles On The Road 1964 – 1966, an incredible collection of photos taken by a talented, brilliant man who followed The Beatles though most of their Beatlemania moments.

Go to the Feature Page @ for continued reading.

And stay tuned for an opportunity to win your very own copy.

Catalina Museum Rocks
By Gail Fornasiere
The British Invasion continues through August 22, 2012 with “Gimme Some Lovin’: The Spencer Davis Group,” an exhibition of photographs, which is accompanied by a film produced by the museum about the early history of the Spencer Davis Group.

For more information, the museum may be reached by phone at 310-510-2414 or at its website:

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Brunch Anyone?

What is Montelimar?  And what is Monkberry Moon Delight? Have you tasted a Butter Pie, Honey Pie or Flaming Pie? Why are The Beatles eating and drinking their lyrics?  It's certainly not because of the fast read that swept the Kingdom, "British Chefs I have Known," but Martin Lewis provides an insight to Beatles songs jammed with food stuff. 

READ Olympic Athletes Eat Brit @ ARTICLES

We told you 'bout Strawberry Fields, you know the place where nothing is real. Well, here's another place you can go, where everything flows.  It's The Beatle Brunch Club and if you haven't joined yet we're gonna give you a FAB reason!  There are 3 complete Beatle Brunch radio shows on BBC Downloads just waitin' to be played. Old Brown Shows, as we call'em, from our first year on the air.  We'll be adding one a month and each one will be available ON DEMAND any time at all for BBC Members only.  Join The Beatle Brunch Club Today!  Here's what's playin':

Sgt Pepper      
May 31, 1992
Abbey Road   
June 14, 1992
Yesterday and Today  
October 11, 1992
The Winning Cheaters
By Vanessa Fazio-Pasquariello
BBC Members, have you had the chance to interact with FabForum Blogger, Vanessa?  She's an extraordinary writer and brain teaser. Being in The Club is certainly a thrill, but reading Vanessa's stuff takes the biscuit.  Here's one of her latest postings:
In 1962, The Beatles won the “Mersey Beat” newspaper’s competition for the greatest band in Liverpool. The band later admitted that one of the major reasons that they won the title was because they called in posing as different people, so they could vote for themselves over and over again.
This Week 45 Years Ago
WABC All American "Top 10" August 1, 1967

1. Light My Fire - The Doors
2. A Whiter Shade of Pale
3. Windy - The Association
4. I Was Made to Love Her
5. All You Need Is Love - The Beatles
6. Little Bit o' Soul - The Music Explosion
7. Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Frankie Valli
8. A Girl Like You - The Young Rascals
9. Society's Child - Janis Ian
10. Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Monkees 

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