May 3rd, 2012
First Thursdays With Joe

It’s not Howdy Doody Time, but it is definitely something important to our community of Beatle Brunch Club members. The time, 7PM till 8PM. The day, MAY 3rd first Thursday of the month. The place, The BBC Chat Room. We Be Jammin’ with the Club Players! We can’t begin to say what goes on, but if you drop by you might find a whole lotta fun happening. Let your magic fingers cyber-type a few words of wisdom on your keyboard, just enough to let us know you’re there and hang out with our very own host Joe J and loyal BBC’ers. We don’t mind newbies who only read.
Things He Said Today
By Joe Johnson

May of 1970 was the month and year The Beatles broke up, but also the same time period that Paul broke OUT, and released his first solo album, McCartney. Well, this May is a transition for Beatle Brunch too. No, we’re not breaking up, unless you consider laughing at all the fun we have in the BBC Chat Room every Sunday morning at 9 “breaking up”. No, this month we’ll be completing 20 years of Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch, starting our 21st year beginning with the June 2nd broadcast.

Beatle Brunch began as a local show that aired on MAJIC 102.7 in Miami, then soon after 4 other stations were added by the same station owners. Today, The Brunch is on about 100 radio stations throughout the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands. Many fans listen around the world online either from a station’s stream, or ON DEMAND via The Beatle Brunch Club and I, your host, still work at MAJIC. If you know anything about radio, you know that’s pretty amazing in the business.

But like May of 1970 showcasing the older Beatles, May of 1992 was The Older Beatle Brunch. In fact the very first show we aired on May 31st was a 25th anniversary spotlight on Sgt Pepper’s LHCB and this year it turns 45. Ah, remember how young we all were then? Well check this out; this month, we’re making Beatle Brunch Classics available in the BBC Downloads; those crispy, golden Brunches that have somehow managed to stay fresh, hermetically sealed inside Don E. Gee’s walrus costume. You’ll be able to click on and listen to a selection of original shows, beginning with our inaugural broadcast, The Brunch #1, mentioned above.

We’ll be loading random Beatle Brunch Classic excerpts on the show from our library. Many are stored on digital audio tape and have to be copied in real time, rather than ripped like a CD. Boy, it’s loads of fun to hear The Old Brunch. We’re interested in your feedback, and if you spot a Brunch Classic that you think was particularly memorable, let us know, we’ll track it down and sock it on BBC Downloads.

So, there you have it, another reason to join your Beatle Buds in The Beatle Brunch Club. For just pennies a day, you get to hear how I sounded in my early days as host of the show, plus this week’s and every week’s current shows going back now since last summer; and growing. So as we launch our newly “remastered” website, we’re breaking up the old one, and we hope you join us and listen when the show is broadcast live in your city. Also, Listen Live to the Miami broadcast at 9 AM Eastern Time and break-up laughing on line inside the BBC Chat Room. Special shout outs to Kathleen, Ed, Carol, Judy, Tim, Joseph, Terry, Al, Tom, Don E Gee and everyone else who’s popped in to chat Sunday mornings to listen and pontificate.

See you Sunday! Remastered
By Joe Johnson
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This Week 48 Years Ago
WABC All American "Top 10" May 1, 1964

1. Do You Want to Know a Secret - The Beatles
2. Hello, Dolly! - Louis Armstrong
3. Love Me Do - The Beatles
4. My Guy - Mary Wells
5. Ronnie - The 4 Seasons
6. Chapel of Love - The Dixie Cups
7. A World Without Love - Peter and Gordon
8. Love Me With All Your Heart - The Ray Charles Singers
9. Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles
10. Walk On By - Dionne Warwick

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