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Things He Said Today
By Joe J.
It seems a Beatles song can fix just about anything, even a hole, or a hole in the heart.  Need a request for a special person?  “All My Loving” gets it done.  Thinking about a loved one who’s passed on?  “In My Life” is always a good fit.  And with the anniversary of September 11th, 2001 coming up, we find that there are hundreds of Beatles and solo songs that give us comfort. 
That’s what the next two shows are about. This weekend, we let our fans from recent The Fest in Chicago program the show with dedications and requests, including one from our Super Fan, Rob Logan, who waxes poetic about all his pals in BeatleLand. 
The following weekend is the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and what we found is how healing Beatles songs can be.  After the attacks, Paul lead the charge with his “Concert for New York”, a star-studded affair that aired nationwide on October 20th, and gave Americans a reason to believe in each other again. It included an  anthem written the day after the tragedy, “Freedom”.   We’ll also hear Sean Lennon sing a John song in the first TV special to raise money for victims of the 9/11 tragedy, also featuring Yoko Ono, Kevin Spacey, Cindi Lauper and many others.
So while we encourage to you to keep all those whom we lost on 9/11 in your hearts and prayers, please tune in for a special 10th anniversary Beatle Brunch, highlighting healing songs and spotlighting Paul’s NY Concert.  I also had the chance to thank him for coming to the aid of America.  It was a nice moment. He was very touched. Thank you Sir Paul, Thank you Beatles, and thank you Brunch listeners for your input.
Don’t miss Paul’s 9/11 special, “The Love We Make” on Showtime September 10th.

Martin Scorsese‘s GEORGE HARRISON: Living In The Material World will debut on HBO in early October as a 2-part documentary. View Trailer It will feature home movies and interviews with surviving Beatles, Eric Clapton, Yoko Ono, and record producers Phil Spector and George Martin.


BBC Chat With Joe
Tonight, 7 PM EST

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His chat room appearance will preview this weekend's Fest Request show featuring a dozen Beatle Brunch listeners from Chicago, plus the 10th anniversary of 9.11.2001, a special Beatle Brunch tribute show that will air on the 10th anniversary weekend, focusing on how Beatles music helps us heal. Joe will tell you about his personal interview with Sir Paul, in which he thanked him for coming to the comfort of all Americans. 

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It's All "Tutu" Much  

Paul's first ballet "Ocean's Kingdom" to premiere in New York City

By Tom Frangione

Paul McCartney's first ever endeavor to the world of ballet, "Ocean's Kingdom" will have its world premiere at the David Koch Theatre at Lincoln Center in New York on Thursday, September 22nd. The performance will highlight the opening night gala for the New York City Ballet's 2011-12 season, with subsequent performances September 24-25-27-29. It is expected that Paul and daughter Stella (who did the costuming) will be on hand for the opening night celebration. Read More


Windy City Expectations
It Was The Best Of Times, It Was A Blast Of All Time!  Beatle Brunch Show Host Joe J. with sidekick Tom Frangione played “Name That Beatles Tune” with hundreds of eager participants and took part in live discussions about everything FAB at the Chicago Fest for Beatles Fans the weekend of August 5th, including a cool discussion about Beatles radio shows ala Beatle Brunch, hosted by Beatlefan’s Al Sussman. Without doubt, expectations were HIGH confirmed by a BIG rush for all who attended! Read More


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Brunchers in Oregon Last Call

If you live near the fine city of Lebanon, Oregon please visit The 2011 Roots & Rhythms Summer Festival, September 9 & 10, 2011 in Academy Square. The weekend event will feature a tribute to John Lennon produced by our friends from Event Management Consultants.  Continue reading for more information
Brunchers in Canada Last Call

Don’t miss The 5th Annual 2011 Beatles Celebration held in downtown Orillia (pronounced, OR–EEL–YA), Ontario, Canada September 16 & 17, 2011.

The downtown streets will be filled with 50 performers including bands from all around the area.  For your convenience The Highwayman Inn is offering packages that include Festival access wristband. Read more

FAB Contest

Shannon’s hoping to take you away. THE FAB FOUR ART CONTEST 2011.  Artists, show your work to the world. Submit your entry NOW! For more info go to: AND check out Tomorrow Never Knows yet another brilliant release by Shannon; climbing the charts on ReverbNation.
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Juber Hudson Bramwell

Oh My My

Joe J. will moderate the next on-line BBC Chat Scheduled for Sunday, September 25th at 7PM EST with the entertainers performing on board The BTC.  Laurence Juber, Mark Hudson and Tony Bramwell will be the featured guests discussing their Fall agenda; upcoming gigs, new projects and they will fill you in on all the scuttlebutt going on in the music biz.  This will be a night to be parked in front of your computer, asking questions and getting all the dirt straight from your favorite personalities. Join the Beatle Brunch Club now so you can chat live with Beatles royalty on Sunday Sept 25th.
Baby You Can Drive Paul’s Car
Beep Beep Beep Beep, yeah, you can own Paul’s 1965 Astin Martin DB5, the model made famous by James Bond in Goldfinger, which sold new for about 3800 pounds (around $9100).  It’s expected to bring in excess of $650,000 when it goes on the auction bock September 21st in England.

Paul ordered the car with a special suspension, chrome wire wheels and a record player.  The car’s been fully restored. Paul sold it in 1970 and it’s numerous owners since, maybe you’ll be the next?  Paul recently sold a 1967 Lamborghini 2+2 for $200,000.

"1" Remastered & i-Tuned Up

One of the biggest selling CDs in music history, is finally coming out remastered, it’s the 27-track Beatles “1” CD, due out September 13th, but if you have to have it now - the collection can be downloaded now on i-tunes.
This collection of number-one songs by The Beatles was initially released in 2000 where it topped the charts in 35 countries.  It spend 104 weeks on the Billboard 200. It's the 7th best selling album in the Soundscan era from 1991 onwards, and has total worldwide sales of more than 31-million copies.

The  album is now available at the special price of $9.99 for a limited time only, available as a CD with the remastered audio recordings in a new digipak case, but you can only order your CD in a special edition bundle, with an exclusive custom design T-shirt ONLY at the official Beatles Store.
The limited edition, numbered lithograph print features the covers of the Beatles singles.  There are only 250 of these high quality prints available to order from each of the US, European and Japanese
Listen to WIN your remastered 1 CD on the September 11th, Beatle Brunch program, courtesy of Capitol EMI.
Hot Off the Press - Soon

George Harrison: Living In The Material World by Olivia Harrison will hit the shelves.

Pre-order your copy now!

The book draws on George Harrison's personal archive of photographs, letters, diaries, and memorabilia, effectively tracing his life, from is early Liverpool years, the Beatles era and to his days as an independent musician.


Bruncher Speaks
By Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Imagine a band whose albums all got into the top ten (in both the US and the UK) during their initials releases. Imagine a band that once held the spot for biggest selling single (a spot they took from The Beatles). This same band had one of the biggest tours of the 70’s and had all of their singles hit the US top 40 and six of those were number 1’s! Sounds like a pretty successful band right? Does it sound like they should have a guaranteed spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

The band I’m speaking of is Wings and despite their many accolades (including one I didn’t even mention) they have been denied even a nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame time and time again.

I’ll admit, I’m very biased towards Wings so I’m probably not the best person to be making a balanced case. I could hear and understand some of the arguments for Wings aren’t in there. I may not agree with them, but I try to keep them in mind. One of the biggest spats is that Wings wasn’t a real band, but merely a band in name only backing Paul McCartney who has been personally recognized by “The Hall” with the Beatles and for his solo work. Some people aren’t sure if he should get in three times.

I don’t buy into the whole “Wings isn’t a real band” bit. The Plastic Ono Band was the conceptual band while Wings members actually contributed to the output. Members like Denny Laine and Jimmy McCulloch wrote and sang lead on some album cuts and their concerts. While Paul McCartney did dominate the band, most bands already in the Hall have had members who dominated above all others. I’ve heard that Wings isn’t “rock” enough, but many pop and even folk groups have been added in recent years. Besides, anyone who hears “Back to the Egg” or “Band on the Run” knows that Wings was more than just “Silly Love Songs”.
Photographer Jorie Gracen, super Wings fan and author of “I Saw Him Standing There”, started a petition to get Wings into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”. It can be found at and currently has over 7,000 signatures. There is also a Facebook group called which can be found at

What are your thoughts Beatle fans? Does Wings deserve to be in the Hall?

BBC’er Mind Games

Ed Hartnett from The BBC FabForum: 

We all know the venues the Beatles played in the United States were huge; say in the 50-80 thousand range.

What venue in England equaled the size of the venues in the US? Wembly was around in the 60’s, perhaps under another name (Empire ) and was it used for concerts?  If so, did the Beatles ever play there?  Were there any in Germany? 
This Week 46 Years Ago
WABC All American Top 10 September 1, 1965
1. I Got You Babe - Sonny & Cher
2. Help! - The Beatles
3. California Girls - The Beach Boys
4. Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
5. Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
6. It's the Same Old Song - The Four Tops
7. Eve of Destruction - Barry McGuire
8. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me - Mel Carter
9. Nothing But Heartaches - The Supremes
10. Baby I'm Yours - Barbara Lewis

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