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Are you a tried and true fan of The Beatles? If the answer is YES then you’ll want to join all the very cool featured guests on board The Beatles Tribute Cruise, March 2010. Meet May Pang who’ll delight you with stories about her time with John; Nancy Lee Andrews will tell you secrets only Ringo would know; Chris O’Dell has some interesting dirt to dish as well … these girls will be fun to interact with as they come loaded with fun-facts in their accounts of The Beatles. Basically you’ll really enjoy their company. How about photographer Paul Saltzman? His pics and stories about The Beatles in India will be nothing less than excellent and informing; Shannon, the greatest artist in the world, will dazzle you with her beautiful oil paintings including the unveiling of the Hard Days Night Collection. AND let’s not forget your host, Woody Lifton, who will lead you to Beatles Nirvana and what will go down as being the greatest trip you’ll ever take.

NOW WAIT, THERE’S MORE … don’t forget the extraordinary music of The Brit Beat who will play throughout the cruise! PLUS … LET’S GET REAL FOR ONE FREAKIN’ MINUTE … how about impeccable service, incredible cuisine, luscious libations and top-flight entertainment aboard Royal Caribbean Cruiseline’s Enchantment of the Seas for a week of cruising to exciting ports of call! … HOW’BOUT THAT!!

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For the first time ever, Starr produces himself on his most personal album yet. Due out January 12th, Ringo is joined on the new CD, “Y Not” by old and new friends including Paul McCartney, singing a duet on Y Not’s stunning first single, “Walk With You,” a moving new song about the power of friendship.

Beatle Brunch is proud to announce that for the first time in his illustrious career, Ringo Starr has decided to take charge and help produce himself. The result is perhaps the most personal and impressive album of this rock legend’s enduring solo career. How on earth did Starr finally locate the absolutely perfect producer to work with him? “Well, I looked in the mirror,” Ringo said with a smile. “And I was looking real groovy that day.”

Listen to the new hit single on the Beatle Brunch website,
and listen to the show to win yours courtesy
of Hip-O Records / UME and Beatle Brunch.

- James McCartney Band in concert

Field report by Sue Walker

On Saturday, November 14, Beatle Brunch field reporter Sue Walker travelled to Fairfield, Iowa to see James (not "James Paul") McCartney's US debut as part of the "David Lynch Weekend" at the Maharishi University of Management. Lynch, of course, reunited Paul & Ringo on the concert stage earlier this year, to highlight his foundation's trancendental meditation ("TM") mission . Here's Sue's exclusive "on the scene" report - Read More...
Meeting the original "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" artist ... Julian Lennon !

Exclusive BeatleBrunch field report by Nikki Denett

Hello Beatle Brunchers! On Tuesday December 15th, I had the honor of meeting Julian Lennon when he came to New York City to promote his new single entitled "Lucy", a song he has written about his friend Lucy who had recently lost her battle with lupus. Lucy, of course, was Julian's childhood classmate whom he immortalised ina painting called "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", which he showed to his father, John, who loved the phrase, and in turn was inspired to write a song by the same title. Read More...


I have listened to Beatle Brunch for many, many years and I can not imagine a Sunday without it!
I would like to wish you the best of the season and a grand 2010!!
Happy sailing!-Iris

Hi Joe, Another Great Beatle Brunch Christmas Show . Thank God for the web or I would have not been able to listen to it at all. Our local Mass. Station started to play Christmas Music in early November and they kicked your show to the curb . Now for more pleasant stuff. I purchased the Fab Four Hark CD about 3 weeks ago and was able to listen to some snippets of it online ,but it does not do it justice. It is such a good album,it mixes in Beatle Riffs and such and it puts a new spin on traditional Christmas Music .Every BBC member should have one .I am looking foward to the new Ringo CD in January . Last but not least I want to wish you and your family a Safe and Healthy Christmas and Happy New Year. Also want to wish the BBC family the same .Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Happy Hanukkah. -Ed Hartnett



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