Chat with Tony Bramwell
Sunday, February 22nd
5PM Eastern Standard Time

My Life With The Beatles

Paul McCartney once said, “If you want to know anything about The Beatles ask Tony Bramwell. He remembers more than I do.” Childhood friends of Paul, George and John, Tony Bramwell will always be known as the trusted one, The Beatles personal friend and confidante, and Brian Epstein’s right hand man. He was with The Beatles in their rise to the top, developing the early days of music videos and heading Apple Films, and he was always there to take care of business which included all the partying, and then through to the end. Welcome Tone, we’re glad to have you as our guest in The Beatle Brunch Club Chat Room. Tony will send his autographed book to a lucky BBC participating member so please be there.


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They Definitely Passed the Audition

Beatle Brunch was on hand in Ft. Lauderdale Florida exactly 40 years to the minute from the date that The Beatles played their last live concert together on the roof of their Apple offices at 3 Saville Row in London. This time the rooftop was some 4400 miles to the west on the 6th floor roof Broward College where hundreds of excited fans gathered to witness the recreation of musical history from down below.

The Beatle tribute band Anthology played a note perfect set of Beatle tunes from the rooftop at a few minutes past 12 noon on Friday, January 30th, launching into “Get Back” with near perfection. BBC Members check out the Downloads Page to see the video.

Fans not only gathered on the street below, but filled the stairwells and windows of nearby buildings to witness the magic. Beatle Brunch host Joe Johnson was on hand to introduce the band and mingle with the crowd below.

See a news report from Beatle Brunch Club member Ambrosio Hernandez, lead anchor of Telemundo 51’s 6 and 11 pm Spanish newscast in Miami by clicking here.
Read more about Anthology at

Beatle Brunch Celebrates
The Invasion Anniversary

Do you remember where you were when you first heard a Beatles’ song on the radio? Or when you first saw the Boys on the Ed Sullivan Show?

We could never forget, in fact, we “forgot to remember to forget” by airing a 2-part Beatles invasion special on Beatle Brunch.

On week 1, airing February 7-8th, we focused on The Beatles invasion to New York, highlighting their first 5 songs on The Ed Sullivan Show, plus their first concert on U.S. soil, Tuesday February 11th 1964 at the Washington Colliseum, where tickets cost a whopping $4.50 each.

Week 2, February 14-15th, we traveled with the boys down to Miami for their Sullivan appearance live at The Deauville. Plus we found some historic interviews from our friend Ed Rudy, whose Beatle interview albums sold millions of copies back in the day. You can now get both volumes on CD, click here to order Ed’s excellent Beatles invasion CDs.

Who could have believed that 45 years later, we’d still be remembering The Beatles with the love and adoration we had for them back when they first stopped foot on American soil, February 9th, 1964. We do, and we do it every week on Beatle Brunch.

See more on The Beatles invasion in the downloads section of The Beatle Brunch Club, and in The After Brunch. Become a member today, so you can start enjoying all the extras and benefits of membership in the BBC, and listen to an excellent invasion special by our Beatle Buddy Dennis Elsas by clicking here

Tom Fontaine Sells
The Beatles

This set of Beatles autographs was signed in Miami while in between relaxing, boating and water skiing. Items in Tom’s super collection of Beatles memorabilia are available for sale and he is a very reasonable man so if you’re in the market for a deal on any of his authentic, highly collectible merchandise please contact him at or and tell him Joe J. From The Beatle Brunch Club sent you!


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Congrats to Robert Perrett
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Robert's from Jacksonville, Florida and his name was drawn at random to receive The Lennon DVD, "Come Together".

This is a compilation of performances by an elite group of guests doing their renditions of "Imagine", "In My Life", "Revolution", "Dear Prudence", "This Boy" and others. Hosted by Kevin Spacey, this DVD pays a special concert tribute to John in the wake of 9-11. DVD courtesy Eagle Rock Entertainment.

Thank you very much. I enjoy being associated with the BBC and love the info. Keep it up! - Bob Perrett

Luxury Beatle Brunch Cruise
Coming in August

Miami Beach
Deauville Hotel
60’s Memories

Joe J & Donna D of Miami radio station, WMXJ, headquarters for The Brunch, visited The Deauville Hotel and recorded a spot-on tour of the place. Here is a snippet of their escapade. Beatle Brunch Club Members can listen to the complete series of The Tour De Deauville Hotel audio tracks on the Downloads Page of The BBC.