Live Chat With
Louise Harrison & Her Boys

Sister of George Harrison
This Monday, January 12, 2009

7pm EST
You may not know about Louise, but most of humanity in the latter half of the 20th Century have certainly heard of - and know a lot about - her youngest brother
George Harrison. Yes, he was also the youngest of the four Liverpool lads known as The Beatles!
The nation’s only Beatles Museum is set to open in Branson by March 2009. Louise Harrison. founder of Liverpool Legends, a Beatles tribute band, is opening the museum.


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Live Chat with
Tony Bramwell in February

My Life With The Beatles

Paul McCartney once said, “If you want to know anything about The Beatles ask Tony Bramwell. He remembers more than I do.”
Childhood friends of Paul, George and John, Tony Bramwell will always be known as the trusted one, The Beatles personal friend and confidante, and Brian Epstein’s right hand man. He was with The Beatles in their rise to the top, developing the early days of music videos and heading Apple Films, and he was always there to take care of business which included all the partying, and then through to the end. We Brunchers say, “Welcome Tone, we’re glad to have you as our February guest in The Beatle Brunch Club Chat Room.” Ya know, he’s excited to participate too!

Join us for a Live Chat with JULIAN LENNON coming soon in 2009



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