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This past Wednesday night we had an on-line chat with Pete Best. It was an interesting and up-close conversation with the One and Only original drummer of The Beatles. What an honor to have him with us. BBC Members were asking all the right stuff and our host, Joe Johnson, was the evening’s moderator. He welcomed everyone to the event! We must say, very cordial and heart-warming questions were answered eloquently by Pete himself.



We look forward to having Laurence Juber in the next BBC Live Chat Room, in late October. As you know, L J was the guitarist with Macca’s Wings on the "Back to the Egg" album, was included on the John. Paul, Tom and Ringo: Tom Snyder Tomorrow DVD, has appeared at recent Beatle Festivals and currently, he is playing solo engagements - a remarkable artist. Club Members please look for that.



OK, you’ve seen the info on for the past several months since we opened The BBC doors in April ’08.

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