The King of Beatle Guitar.

What’s up with Steven?

Beatle Brunch listeners have come to know the music of Steven King (no not THAT Steven King, the author!). Our King of Beatles is an accomplished finger picking guitar player whose Beatle tunes can be heard in the background every week on Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch. Here’s a personal note from Steven to you:

Hello dear Beatle Brunch fans! Steven King here, a lifetime Beatles fan. (In the 60's I had a dream that I was a Beatle, running with the Fab 4 from the crowds! OK, didn't we all...) Anyway, my newest CD "Classical Swing" has me playing, on some tracks, my solo nylon-string arrangements of the greatest classical music ever written, to be followed on the next respective track with me on my Chasson steel string acoustic with bass-expansion, playing my jazz rendition of the same classic tunes. Cool, nice listening to be sure. (Even I like it.)

Love to you all, or as George would have it, "Love you to", with kindest loving.

Thanks for listening,
Steven King.

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