Beatle Brunch Artist

Anthony Parisi Gets Published, Exhibited & Wins a Blue Ribbon!

Beatle Brunch is very proud to have Anthony Parisi's work on our site and in our promotional materials. We first met Anthony way back, when it was called "Beatlefest" in New Jersey, and we were immediately taken by his gorgeous and playful renditions of The Beatles and their friends in his artwork. From that day forward, Anthony has been a member of the Beatle Brunch Family. You might know Anthony's work and not even realize that it he is one in the same.

Anthony's work has most recently been been featured in a new book entitled "Beatles Art: Fantastic New Artwork of the Fab Four" (Boxigami Books, 2006). Five of his full-color Beatle illustrations were selected to be in this new publication, including a three-page fold out spread (one of only 4 in the book) featuring "Fab Forty", a caricature of the Beatles with Ed Sullivan.

The other illustrations that appear are "Beatles 64", "Roof Top", "John & His 325" and "Breakfast With The Beatles". For the second year in a row, Anthony has won First Place in the Fest for Beatle Fans art competition. The winning illustration entitled "Hamburg" is a new piece depicting John, Paul, George, Pete & Stew in Germany. This marks Parisi's 5th blue ribbon overall.

In Philadelphia, four illustrations by local artist Anthony Parisi are on exhibit in The 7th Annual Classic Rock Art Show. The Exhibit runs through March 31st. The 4 illustrations that are in the exhibit are "Beatles Roof Top", "Jimi Hendrix", "The Who" and "Alice Cooper".

Anthony likes to think of himself as a "face specialist", but also has a knack for stylizing the human form to give two dimensional figures the fluidity and illusion of motion. Anthony's love of illustration, The Beatles and historical musical instruments (he is a self proclaimed guitar junkie) adds to the historic authenticity of every illustration that he creates. His work will be hanging with the likes of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Ron Wood, Ringo Starr and John Entwistle. Of course, Anthony's range of talent extends far beyond The Beatles, into a galaxy far, far away.

Anthony has created hilarious drawings of Star Trek and The Sopranos.

You can read more about Anthony & his artwork, and can even contact him at