A Hard Day’s Note from Gary Hein at Hein’s Collectibles

Dear Beatle Brunchers:
Gary Hein here. When you come to the Beatles Fest, then you’ve no doubt seen my booth at the number one spot in the marketplace. For many years now, I’ve carried only the best of the best, the primo Beatle items that show little or no wear. I have been a contributor to Bruce Spizer’s books, supplying many of the images you see and have also been a part of Beatle Brunch, so it’s my pleasure to tell you about something very cool.

Recently, I’ve come across something that will blow your mind. A small quantity of “Original” 1964 Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” Uncut Proof Sheets for the Beatles Cards were found not long ago. These have been personally obtained from the estate of a Topps Inc. affiliate Art Department Production Executive in North America. The “A Hard Day’s Night” set of “sepia-tone” Beatles Cards is one of the most difficult sets to complete, and I have them in stock.

The Production Executive began working for the baseball card company in the mid-1950's until the early 1970’s. Long retired, he passed away in 1986. His son, from whom we purchased these Beatles proof-sheets directly, lived with his elderly mother in his parent's home until recently, when his mother passed away. It was then, during the packing of his parent’s belongings in order to sell the home that a small group of these Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" Printer's PROOF Sheets were first discovered. They were neatly stored in large plastic bags among several other Baseball Card Printer's Proof sheets that were also discovered packed away in their attic for over 40 years!

Each Beatles Proof Sheet is in Near MINT condition and measures 20.5” x 28”, neatly laying-out all 55 Beatles Cards in an 11 cards wide by 5 cards height matrix, which is simply perfect for framing! I’ve got them available for sale at a special price, and with each purchase, you will receive our detailed “Letter of Authenticity”.

The average selling price for the Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” Card Proof Sheet is $850 each…..But through this Beatle Brunch “EXCLUSIVE”, they are available for ONLY $495 each until June 15th, 2007 (or while supplies last). Ground shipping is FREE within the United States.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and checks.

More information about the Beatles Proof Sheets is available at our web site, www.Beatles4me.com You MUST mention “Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch” to receive your EXCLUSIVE 40% Discount!

There are LESS than 300 Original Beatles Card Proof-Sheets available, so contact us at (732) 219-1988 to place your order now, or go online.

Thanks! I look forward to seeing you all at the next fest and always enjoy emailing and talking to our fans who link to us through the Beatle Brunch website.

Cheers! Gary H.