Tubin' with Galeazzo Frudua

'The Valve' was launched in the mid-90s on the initiative of Galeazzo Frudua, a renowned Italian luthier, and owner of Frudua Guitar Works since 1988; one of the leading electric guitar manufacturers in Italy FruduaGuitars.com.

Today, 'The Valve' Brand Amps are distributed throughout several countries; the range includes seven models with sufficient scope to satisfy the needs of just about any guitar player The-Valve.com.

Frudua’s company mission is geared to support the guitarist by providing quality sound through the use of The Valve Amplifiers whereby a distinctive performance can be delivered as intended. He says, "We listen to our customers' requirements and supply them with all the resources and tools they need to make a name for themselves as professional musicians."

Galeazzo is a Beatle Brunch Club Member and may be contacted at G.Fruda@The-Valve.com just in case you might need a new guitar amp to enhance your playing technique. Tell him Beatle Brunch sent you!

For short, Gale, as he's also known to his friends, will teach you how to sing like The Beatles. He has a set of pipes that can Beat The Band. Look for him on BrunchRadio SOUND CLIPS.

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