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Sericels and Hand-Painted Cels can be purchased framed, ready-to-hang and at price you can afford!


In September 1965, King Feature's producer, Al Brodax with the financial assistance of toymaker/sponsor A.C. Gilbert produced the Saturday morning cartoon series that aired on ABC TV at 10:30am. It broke new historical ground being the very first weekly series to feature animated versions of real people. The half-hour show brought us two episodes and two sing-a-longs complete with Beatle lyrics to shout out between cereal bites. The Beatles cartoon voices were not the Beatles. They were dubbed by two voice actors, Paul Frees (John and George) and Lance Percival (Paul and Ringo). In the fall of 1968, the series was moved to Sunday mornings. It remained until its final broadcast on September 25th, 1969.

A total of 78 episodes with sing-a-longs were produced in four separate locations around the world by numerous animators, background and layout artists, writers and directors.

DenniLu Company has the priviledge to feature a few of the original animators and the creator/designer of the Beatle cartoon caricatures themselves. These talented animators, who also directed several of the episodes, are signing some of our limited edition sericels and hand-painted cels!

These Sericels & Hand Painted Cels come in large sizes, combine more than one scene and some are even signed by an original animator to make this animation art very "Special".


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DenniLu Company is under license by Apple Corps. Ltd. to manufacture and market Beatles Saturday morning cartoon and Yellow Submarine sericels, hand-painted cels and giclees. Apple Corps Ltd. does not endorse this website.
Pepperland Sericels, also called Serigraph Cels are created by silk-screening each individual color onto the cel, one at a time. Every distinct color or shade is a separate screen, and a separate pass in this fine art process. Each color is flawlessly reproduced. Sericels are also created in limited quantities, typically 1000 plus pieces. Hand-painted limited editions use the same materials and techniques as were used in making the originals. Some Hand-painted limited editions are based on interpretations of several scenes within an episode. The same process used to transfer the artist/animator's black outlines prior to silkscreening is transferred onto acetate cels, then each color is meticulously hand-painted by studio artists. Each piece is hand-numbered in small edition sizes between 100 and 750. In some cases the finished cels are then signed by the original animator. DenniLu Company offers several Hand-Painted cels signed by some of the cartoon series original animators, such as Peter Sander, Dale Case, Tom Halley and Ron Campbell!
The DenniLu Company has decided to keep their Sericel editions and Hand-painted limited edition sizes low, affordable and highly collectable. With Sericel edition sizes on an average of 500 pieces, the DenniLu Company offers it's Sericels and Hand-Painted Cels framed, ready-to-hang and at price you can afford.

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