Imagine That
Tim Piper as John Lennon at The Broward Center for Performing Arts, Armaturo Theater in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was a show no one could ever IMAGINE would be in South Florida. Finally, Sunday, February 10, 2013 it landed with 2 nearly sold-out shows. If you haven't seen this amazing concert please be sure to put it on your bucket list immediately.

Just Imagine is not to be confused with a 1930 science fiction musical comedy, although it is a musical. In perfect Rock'nRoll style this Just Imagine, circa 2013, features the Best of John Lennon in a well-executed, thoroughly entertaining music-history tutorial delivered by Lennon virtuoso, Tim Piper and his band with Sir Greg Broham Piper on Bass, Les The Duke of Skins on Drums, Lord Morley playing keyboards & percussion and Don The Viceroy of Guitar on the Gibson Les Paul.

This is one multi-media treat where you can see and listen effortlessly to a live transparent mix of John Lennon's music from the Beatle Years to his solo favorites, a song book of classic rock - a brilliant performance for a grateful audience who shall remember Tim whenever John pops into their minds.


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