Harry Benson
The Colorful Eye of Benson in Black & White

TASCHEN & Beatle Brunch announce the release, Harry Benson The Beatles On The Road 1964 – 1966. It is an incredible collection of magnificent black and white photos, All Together Now; a perfect investment for any discerning Beatles fan library.

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Harry Benson
TASCHEN Publications is partnering with Beatle Brunch to announce the release, Harry Benson The Beatles On The Road 1964 – 1966.
Mr. Benson was best known for his assignment to accompany The Beatles on their first American Tour in 1964. The book is an incredible collection of magnificent black and white photographs many of which have never been seen before, but all together now will impress the Beatles fan to the utmost extent.
Harry Benson Gets The Picture

Growing up near Glasgow, Henry Benson inspired to play goalkeeper for Scotland, but landed himself in photography. From shooting weddings to a crime scene, Benson worked for the Hamilton Advertiser to The Daily Sketch to The Daily Express. It was the night before he was leaving on an assignment for Africa that he got the call from The Daily Express to go photograph The Beatles in Paris for a few weeks. At first he wasn’t happy about it, but soon after he knew he had the right job.

In Paris With The Beatles

At the time George Harrison was writing a column for The Daily Express, which gave Benson the freedom to choose when and where he wanted to photograph. Since Benson wasn’t trying to be their best friend, they ended up hitting it off and having a relationship with respect and trust.

Paris was more relaxing and less hectic than England. Surprisingly, all Beatles fans seems to be boys and favor Ringo the most.

A Hit Is Born

At press conferences, Lennon was the leader; direct and quick-witted. On the other hand, you had to ask Paul to get things done; he was the most in control. It was different when they wrote songs together – they were equals. They had such great chemistry. Writing seemed so easy to them.

Their February 9 appearance on the The Ed Sullivan show made a mark in American history unlike anything in Britain. This signaled the end of mourning the loss of Jack Kennedy.


Photographing four people all looking good wasn’t easy to do. As long as Paul was in the photograph I learned I could shoot only two or three of them at a time. They hammed it up for the press, but since I have spent so much time with them I could capture more intimate moments; they forgot the pressure of the camera.

The Water Beatles

Miami was a nice change of seen – there was sunshine, sea, and girls hoping to meet a Beatle. They stayed in a fancy hotel on the beach and rich locals let them use their yachts.

A Hard Day’s Night

Their first movie was a big deal for them. But filming a movie meant waiting around a lot – which made them bored. The days were long and taking the train from London to and from made them even more restless. They made sure to keep out of the way from the gentleman playing Paul’s grandfather; he kept trying to kiss them.

Nineteen Sixty-Six

By this time I hadn’t seen them in a while – we had all changed. They had lost of their innocence and became more cynical. Publicity in the U.S. was rather negative than positive this time around. Lennon was getting a lot of criticism from the press for his comments; one in particular regarding The Beatles being bigger than Jesus Christ. After 1966, they never toured again and I never photographed them again as a group. Over the years, I did photograph Paul and Linda. Although time has passed, I’m very grateful to the band for giving me some of my best pictures, bringing me to America, and building my career during one of the most interesting times in history as a photographer.

Benson Book Cover

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