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What was THE BEST song performed at The Concert for Bangladesh?
Music historians say Revolver was The Beatles' Best. What spins you around by its songs?
The Beatles loved US girl groups. What song on HDN reminds you of YOUR fave girl group. Tell Me Why?
Will first time viewers of "Help!" help to create new Beatles fans? Explain why?
Which Film is Better and why? A Hard Day's Night or Help!
Remember to shout PEACE AND LOVE at noon Tuesday for Ringo's Birthday!
Happy Bday Ringo. His sign, the crab. Octopus' Garden a fave. Believe in Astrology? Any thoughts?
Paul is playing 5 new Beatles songs in concert - What OTHER Beatle tunes should he bring out?
Help us post Buzz Topics. Give your thought provoking, engaging statements - 18 words maximum.
Happy Birthday Brian Wilson. How different do you think The Beatles would have been with Brian?
Happy Birthday Paul! Post your favorite Paul song, Beatles or solo
Please post Birthday wishes to Paul and request a song of his you may like to hear on The Brunch
Happy Birthday Sir Paul! What Paul song can you NOT live without? CLICK VOX TO HEAR ANOTHER GIRL
What's your favorite part of Beatle Brunch, now that the show's 21 & how does Pepper rank with you?
As we begin year 24 we ask what station or what method you listen to Beatle Brunch on?
Besides today - what Beatle CD did you pop in the player and listen to?
What do you like about Macca's WOA band from 1976 compared to his band today. Why?
What questions would YOU ask Paul's guitarist, Brian Ray? Joe J is interviewing him this weekend.
Do you prefer 'Let It Be' Naked OR the fully dressed version and WHY?
We Thank The Beatles' Moms. Name your favorite Beatles song featuring a woman and why you like it
Honoring Your Mom - Name her favorite Beatles song that rings her bell?
Would you like to see Live at the Hollywood Bowl officially released on CD / DVD?
You Choose. See Paul in concert live with good seats OR get Wings Over America Deluxe?
Post your thoughts from Joe J and Cynthia Lennon's interview. CLICK VOX TOP LEFT AND LISTEN

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