Artwork by Grego
The Artist and Short Story Writer affectionately known across America as "Grego" is actually Gregory Michael Maness who was born 1959 in Miami, Florida. Known to be some what of a recluse, "Grego" currently resides in America's finest city of San Diego, not far away from the Ocean once again. Although he very rarely participates in commercialized Art Fairs of self-promotion, his philosophy is a very simple one. "If you are willing to work hard enough to create an idea from deep within your soul, and it turns into a magical painting or clever short story that people really want in their lives, then you are a success. If you are fortunate enough to have developed a dedicated following of supporters who really appreciate your work, then you have received a Blessing, and that is enough for you to live with for the rest of your life".

The GregoArt freight train
keeps rolling along as the "Millennnium and Beyond" paintings and art exhibit invades San Diego's Little Italy at Sassafras Restaurant, April 6th thru May 30th, for a limited engagement. Don't miss the attraction at Chef Andre Bellard's restaurant ... a definite must if you are in San Diego, California.

Grego's painting, "The Grape Harvester's, Lonesome Day," has been submitted as a finalist by the San Luis
Obispo Harvest Fest committee. The event, held in October 2003, attracts thousands of wine enthusiasts and
talented artists to California's central coast wine country. Only one artist's painting will be selected to dawn
the labels of souvenir Harvest Fest wine bottles and other collateral materials promoting the San Luis Obispo
Harvest Fest. It is a huge honor for an artist to win this award and Grego stands a very good chance.





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