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Liverpool Echo
The Beatles Note For Note Live wows the audience with hard to believe attention to detail and super high energy and enthusiasm.

Listen! - I'll Cry Instead

Visit their website for more information:
Meet Liverpool Echo

Mark Monforton
– Bass Guitarist who cut his teeth on The Beatles when he first saw them on The Ed Sullivan Show. Mark’s the former director of the Corpus Christi Rock Choir, but today it’s all Beatles music and he shares that passion with his band mates.

Dustin O’Neil – Keyboard artist studied classical piano and music composition at the University of Windsor, Wayne State University and the University of Toronto. His expertise imparts richness to the band’s sound, echoing The Beatles perfectly.

Andy Fletcher – Lead Guitarist has over 30 years experience in the business and his keen ear is called upon to design the band’s sound. His ability to deconstruct Beatles songs help to form the solos that shadows an incredible reproduction of George.

Sean Crichton – Drummer will blow you away with his Ringoisms and impeccable timing and technique. He truly nails every song with finesse.

Franco Rotondi – Rhythm Guitarist plays in absurd Lennon style; sweet, note for note lead vocals and harmonies. He’s an accomplished musician from a very musical family.

Tentet Au Carre

Christophe Violland is the arranger and musical director of a sensational 13 piece group called, Tentet Au Carre. Out of his love for The Beatles he developed an orchestra of 27 very talented musicians that he calls The French BlackBirds....
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Listen to
"Paul McCartney"
Frost On Paul McCartney

Singer/songwriter, Donna Frost wrote a song entitled, "Paul McCartney." This is her story:

I am a lifelong Beatles fan and had a crush on Paul since I was 6 years old. One day my friend Beth Travers and I decided it would be fun to write a song about Paul McCartney and chock it full of Beatle references. There's a backstory to this as I had covered Paul's song "Every Night" on my 2nd CD, "Feels Like Home" ... we never heard from him about it. So how do I to get his attention? ... write a song about him! I'm being silly now, but anyway, we wrote this song and everywhere I've ever played it over the years, it's been a huge hit with the audience. Needless to say when we were recording my latest CD, "Girls Like Us," it was a no brainer that "Paul McCartney" would be included.

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Featured Songs:
Hello Goodbye
Norwegian Wood
I Feel Fine
Peter Mayer

Guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Peter Mayer of the Peter Mayer Group, has melded a unique and eclectic writing style, a distinctive voice, and virtuoso musicianship to create compelling and accessible music that is electrifying in live performance. Culling influences from his childhood in India that ranged from traditional Indian music to the Beatles, to his studying and teaching Jazz guitar; add his many years working in Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefers, and having the opportunity to share the stage with others that include James Taylor, Mac McAnally, Sonny Landreth, Don Henley and others, and it tells part ofthe musical story of the Peter Mayer Group.

Peter's life began in Tamilnadu, the far southern region of India, where his parents served as missionaries for 17 years before returning to their Missouri roots. Musical influences from that period of his life can be heard in his playing. Peter recalls, "I can remember Indian musicians giving Christmas concerts in my parents' house. Wildly playing drums and flutes, shakers and bells, they would go on for hours and hours." He went on to study formal theory and composition, and to teach jazz guitar as a faculty member of Webster University.

The Peter Mayer Group boasts between them an extensive performing and songwriting portfolio with experience in any number of styles from jazz to country rock to classical. Recording under the name PM, Peter released his debut album for Warner Brothers Records (WB no. 25751) in 1988. Working with Elliot Scheiner (Steely Dan, Aretha Franklin, Bruce Hornsby) - this album produced the single "Piece of Paradise" charting to number eight on Billboard.

When Scheiner was hired to produce Jimmy Buffett's Off to See the Lizard album, he suggested that Jimmy use PM for the recording sessions. Buffett was as impressed with their unique versatility as musicians and performers that he quickly hired them as part of his own Coral Reefer Band, a successful relationship that continues to date. Peter's new CD, "Goodbye Hello" is available for purchase on his website. It contains a wonderful collection of Beatles covers. Visit Peter's Website at


The Pondhawks

Beatle Brunch Club Member and long time friend, Jorie Gracen, and her band, “The PondHawks” have landed their first CD. Playing on the album with Jorie is Mario Novelli, Roger Burden, Michael Gillespie, and John Rivera, with guest musicians, Tony Melnick, Bob Graff, and a special thanks to Brian Ray, guitarist from the McCartney Band.

There is an interesting, unexplained paranormal phenomenon hidden in this very well done CD. We encourage you to buy it. Listen closely and offer your feedback on the PondHawks My Space page:
Featured Tunes:
Midnight Howl
Sweet Dreams in the Rain
Shattered Dreams/Broken Wings


Featured Songs:
Nowhere Man
We Can Work it Out
I Need You

Jerry DesVoignes

Recording this CD has been a personal renaissance for me. In doing so, I ventured deep into the magic and brilliance of the Beatles' voices, harmonies and melodies. I offer here a few of the songs from the most beloved group ion the world. At the age of 12, I purchased "Meet the Beatles", their first American release from Capital Records. I began singing with it night and day and recognized that something amazing was occurring. My life was forever changed, I joined my first band at 16 and never looked back. Rock, Jazz, Gospel and World Music styles are among the genres of music I currently compose and perform in. The Beatles inspired my life and gave hope and promise to the entire world. This gift continues to this day.

In gratitude--Jerry DesVoignes

In 1988, Jerry suffered a brain injury in a pedestrian accident causing him to lose many of his innate singing and musical abilities. The injury shattered his entire sense of Self and created gaps in his memory and cognitive thinking processes. As a part of his healing journey, Jerry discovered techniques of Harmonic Overtone Singing, where the voice creates three or more sounds simultaneously. These techniques are known for their profound healing effects in many spiritual traditions such as Tibetan Buddhism and by the Shamans of Tuva.

Visit for more about Jerry.



Featured Songs:
Home Again
A Kiss Goodbye
Open My Eyes

Gettin’ Down With Kevin Kimes & Beaune Road

Kevin Kimes & Beaune Road (pronounced 'bone' road) have been together for four years. The band members are Kevin Kimes on acoustic guitar and lead vocals; Bill White on acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, and vocals; Dan Mahynski on bass guitars, percussion, and vocals, plus new guy, Dan Haynor who plays acoustic and slide guitars, and banjo. The three founding members, Kevin, Bill and Dan, worked together as Special Education teachers before discovering their shared passion for music and then started their journey down Beaune Road. They play their own unique blend, of folk, country and bluegrass music, originating from a special friendship and creativity. Kevin Kimes & Beaune Road released their first CD, "Home Again" late last year. The CD consists of 12 original songs written by Kevin Kimes. The band looks forward to releasing their second CD in the near future with the additional talent of their new member.



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Geraldine Brooke
Everyman’s Songwriter
I had the pleasure of personally meeting Geraldine at a recent Beatle Fest where she gave me her CD, Songs Of The Heart. I can say without any BS it’s a great collection of tunes … catchy, melodic, electrical sound waving a hand to you saying, “here it is, listen to this.” Basically, if you don’t like it you don’t like ice cream! If it takes forever I’ll share this CD with everyone. Please buy it. GB … you’re the best! View more info and listen to samples here. Her website is
Don E Gee



Featured Songs:
The Miracle
On A Summer Breeze
Bad State of Heartbreak
Pedal to Metal
Young Men Do
Amber Eve
More Than a Dream

Jim Blue
Accomplished guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer, Jim Blue has been a professional musician since his mid teens. Inspired by the Beatles, he wrote and recorded his first song when he was only sixteen and has been committed to his love of music ever since. Jim's fascinating music career has literally taken him around the world and, to this day, he continues to perform and record.

Jim's most recent CD release is titled "More Than A Dream." It includes twelve of his favorite original compositions and features his vocal and guitar virtuosity. "More Than A Dream" is an eclectic assortment of genres and styles including songs with a snappy flamenco feel, touching love songs, tender ballads, kickin' instrumentals, and high energy rock.

Jim is also the host guitarist for the video Beatles guitar lesson series.

To buy Jim's new CD, "More Than A Dream" click here

For more about Jim Blue, visit his website at



Bill Pagel

I wrote my first song in 1965. I was 16. I played an acoustic 6 string Harmony and started to put more songs onto reel to reel tapes. As years passed, the reel to reel machines got better and my experiments sometimes went overboard. A 12 string Harmony was a great addition and eventually I got a 6 string electric and a bass. Finally got the Rickenbacker 360-12 I always wanted and used it on my version of The Byrds' "Bells Of Rhymney". Then I sold it. more...

Featured Tunes:
Eleanor Rigby





Featured Tune:
Hard Day's Night

The Cavern Beat
is an exciting early Beatles Tribute that is wowing Beatle fans all over the globe with their amazing likeness to the sound and energy of the real Beatles. The group is based in Chicago and without a doubt is emerging as one of the finest early Beatles tributes you will ever hear.

The band was started by Al "Ringo" Wagner seven years ago. Al, being the perfectionist that he is, envisioned a band that would not only capture the incredible sound of the Beatles like no other band, but also capture the contagious energy, enthusiasm and humor that the original fab four were so well known for. more....



Featured Tune:
The Beatles Dream

At present I run a mobile Disco/Karaoke and host quiz and theme nights ... still writing some of my own tunes as well. I'm appearing at the Open Hearth Pub lounge in Corby every 2nd Monday at 8PM. There is some amazing talent in Corby and Northants. Whenever you're visiting The United Kingdom, buy a ticket to ride The Tube to Corby and say hello to your mate John. Everyone is welcome.
Check out this website;

During the 80's John backed recording stars Ricky Vallence, Terry Deene, Jess Conrad, and Wee Willie Harris, just to name a few. John was also on tour with the one and only Carl Perkins, Wanda Jackson and Sleepy La Beef. During the 90's John worked with 3 members of 60's sensation, The Tornados, and then formed his own band, ''The John Headley Experience,'' writing and recording songs about famous artists, Lilly Savage, Joan Collins, Trevor McDonald, etc. He currently appears on TV & Radio and is often written about in national papers.

Soak Up 60's Sounds With The SpongeTones

The Spongetones began their musical sojourn late in the year 1979 basically playing for fun in their home town of Charlotte, North Carolina. The group of fine talented individuals preformed cover tunes by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Dave Clark Five, Cream and Jimi Hendrix. They began writing songs of their own with a sound design combining of all their favorites they "soaked up" from the classic music of the 60's and 70's. more...

The About

A Must Hear CD For Beatles Fans!

The music, vocals, songwriting and arrangements are haunting to say the least, and reminiscent of the Beatles. Vic Morton and Tom Gordon both grew up in the sixties, and were deeply impressed by the four lads from Liverpool. Tom, from California, was a natural on rhythm, lead and bass guitar. Tom toured and recorded through the years and is a musician's musician....more


Rob Logan

Beatle Brunch welcomes Rob Logan, aspiring deejay to the Auditions page.
Here's a sample of Rob on-air at WVVX in Highland Park, IL, September
29th, 1979.

We met Rob at the Fest for Beatles Fans in August.




While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Jake Shimabukuro

Known for lightning fast fingers and revolutionary playing techniques, Jake Shimabukuro is a master of the ukulele. The 28 year old shatters musical boundaries. Not only does he play styles previously "taboo" on the four-string, two-octave instrument, but he is creating music never before thought possible. While Jake has great respect and love for traditional Hawaiian ukulele music, his mission is to show everyone that the ukulele is capable of so much more.You're going to want to at least stick around for the solo. Visit Jake's Website Recorded by: Midnight Ukulele Disco Listen (Quicktime)...



Featured Tunes:
From Me To You
If I Fell
In My Life

From Me to You- James Shepard

James Shepard has been a singer/songwriter for thirty-five years. Heavily influenced by the music of the Beatles and other sixties bands, James developed through the years his own style of songwriting with pretty melodies, harmonies, and rich textures in his recordings. This project was recorded at Eagle Canyon Music in Southern California, with more than a little help from his talented friends (including gifted sons, Elijah and Isaac).

From Me To You is a musical tribute to some of the greatest love songs ever written. It features eight songs by the Beatles, two made famous by the Everly Brothers and two Shepard originals.



Featured Tunes:
And Your Bird Can Sing
While My Guitar Weeps
The End

With LES You Get MORE

Les Fradkin's latest release, "While My Guitar Only Plays"
A collection of Beatles instrumentals in Les' distinctive guitar play'n style.
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Jay K. Brindo

“... and now ladies and gentlemen ... here they are ... The Beatles.”
That’s how it all started for me. After hearing Ed Sullivan say those words, I begged my Dad for a guitar and lessons. He bought me a small ukulele and gave me two weeks to learn twenty songs. I played all those songs for him and my Mom one week later. Only recently did Dad tell me that as he sat listening to me play the uke all he could think about was how he was going to pay for the guitar lessons. So here I am, years later, not letting my parents sacrifice go to waist ... I love creating music that people love. Thanks Mom and Dad.

So it was in 1964 when Jay got his first electric guitar, and he's been playing beautiful music ever since. His style is very soothing and soft ... a little folksy too, but always meaning to be light and full of heart. Most will agree that Jay's music fits the new name of his website He and his wife, Beth enjoy a large family where music is a major part of their daily lifestyle. Listen to several pieces he has written and maybe you will catch the "Jay Bird."



Featured Tunes:
Sgt. Pepper
Penny Lane

Steven King

USA National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion of 1994, performs worldwide in concert and at Taylor Guitar clinics. King has played guitar for 37 of his 50 years (as of 2002), and playing alone, sounds like a trio, with his self-developed solo acoustic fingerstyle guitar technique featuring his own "bass expansion" method of playing simultaneous walking bass lines, melodies, rhythms, and chords. His 3000+ repertoire includes originals, standards, contemporary, jazz, classical, Broadway and television show tunes, and his favorite genre, tunes by the Beatles.“The Kingster” was born in New York on November 16, 1952, grew up in Los Angeles, and has made the Seattle area his home for the last decade. He studied jazz, arranging and guitar in college in the 70’s, and developed his unique guitar style in the 80’s and 90’s which won him the coveted National Championship at Winfield, Kansas. King has performed solo guitar concerts at venues such as the Chet Atkins Guitar Festival in Nashville, the Woodstock Opera House, the Issoudun Guitar Festival in France, the Frankfurt Musikmesse in Germany, and many more throughout the USA, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. King CDs and instructional videos are available at the Kingster’s web site:

Steven King
PO Box 2027
Granite Falls, WA 98252-2027
USA voice/fax(206)666-3810



Mel Mackaron

"The Last Living Argonaut" is the title of his CD release containing 15 songs. Over You, Tomorrow, Love's Canticle, and Hurricane are originals. Cover songs used by permission include Words of Love by Buddy Holly and Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, and a number of Beatles tunes. Listen to an excerpt, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away. If you want to purchase Mel's CD and/or be kept up to date on future releases, please write:

Mel Mackaron
7020 Prairie Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Tell Mel you heard his audition on