Beatle Brunch looks back 30 years ago this month to a very special Lennon anniversary.
One rainy Saturday afternoon in New York City, John Lennon visited album rock radio station, WNEW and spent two hours talking about his life, playing his favorite 45’s, and debuting tracks from his new album, “Walls and Bridges”.
This historic visit has gone down in history as one of the best Lennon interviews ever. He was sharp witted, full of fun and great stories about The Beatles, his youth, his favorite music and even told some stories that had never been told before; Stories about recording “I am the Walrus”, “Revolution Number 9” and The Beatles feelings on the infamous “Butcher Cover” album from 1966.


The interview was hosted by New York radio personality Dennis Elsas, who was the Music Director and deejay at WNEW fm during the fall of 1974. Upon visiting The Record Plant recording studios one night, Dennis met John Lennon and May Pang, and invited them to the WNEW studios for a live interview. When John accepted, Dennis was quite surprised, but elated to have the founding member of the Beatles appear on his program. John appeared live with Dennis on Saturday September 28, 1974, and this month marks 30 years since that historic visit.

Dennis’ two-hour interview with John has become a part of Beatles history, excerpts having been included in The Beatles Anthology video, book and television show, The Lennon Legend book, and most recently in the British special, “John Lennon’s Jukebox”, which some have called “John’s IPOD”, as it held a snapshot of some of John’s personal favorites, including many songs that influenced Beatle records.

On a special Beatle Brunch program broadcast the weekend of September 11-12th, you’ll hear Dennis’ recollections of that day, and excerpts from the New York program, great Beatles music, plus songs from John’s “Walls and Bridges” album that had just come out that week. John is also very entertaining, reading the weather forecast and adding his live tags to various commercials for WNEW.
Today, Dennis Elsas is still on the air in New York as one of the areas most popular radio personalities. With creative musical programming and insightful artist interviews, he's delighted audiences for many years . You can hear him on weekdays from 2-6pm as the afternoon host of City Folk on WFUV, a New York public radio station broadcasting on 90.7 FM. Read Dennis’ Bio Here and can also be heard mornings on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Classic Vinyl Channel 14.

Dennis spent over twenty-five years at WNEW-FM. On the air, he developed a close relationship with his listeners, including the creation of the innovative Beach Party program. As music director, he helped to shape the station's sound when it was one of the country’s most influential progressive radio stations. It also gave him the opportunity to meet and interview many of his rock and roll heroes, including Mick Jagger, Pete Townshend, Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

As a leading voice-over announcer, he's been heard on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame broadcasts, VH1's 'Concert of the Century' at the White House, and the Brian Wilson Tribute from Radio City Music Hall. A first generation Beatles fan, Dennis recently produced a fascinating hour-long program on The Beatles First U.S. Invasion that has aired on public radio, and can be heard in its entirety by clicking here.


Dennis, today in the WFUV studios.. If you miss the old days of WNEW, you can hear Dennis twice each day, in the morning on Sirius Satellite Radio Classic Vinyl Channel 14, as mentioned earlier, and on 90.7 WFUV in the New York area from 2 to 6 pm EST. You can listen to Dennis worldwide on line at











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